Lil Yachty Introduces New Premium Frozen Pizza Brand, Yachty’s Pizzeria

Lil Yachty’s love of pizza has earned him the ultimate partnership with Walmart. The Grammy-nominated rapper has teamed up with Deep Cuts and Richelieu Foods to launch his own brand of premium frozen pizzas called Yachty’s Pizzeria.

The frozen pizzas made their exclusive debut at Walmart stores on Tuesday (September 6) and include four flavors – Buffalo Style Chicken, Hot Honey Cheese, Pepperoni & Bacon and Veggie Supreme. Each of the products comes equipped with a seasoned cheddar cheese crust and will set consumers back just under $7. They’re also Yachty-approved thanks to a taste test by “Speed ​​Me Up” emcee and friends.

“I pushed to do [pizza] part of my brand since the beginning of my career,” Yachty said in an interview with People. “I recently had new management who were really able to push and make this happen. It couldn’t have come at a better time.”

The 25-year-old further explained that cheese cooking holds a special place in his heart thanks to his mother. “The thing behind my love for pizza was, quite frankly, my mom had two jobs. She was a very busy woman,” Yachty explained. “She was pretty tired when she got home, and she always brought a pizza at home. We went to get a pizza, or we baked a pizza. It became quite common in our life and I loved it.

For lyricist “Broccoli,” Yachty Pizzeria is just the beginning. “I’ve done a lot of stuff, but I’m still really geeky when I see something of mine in a grocery store,” Yachty said. “It’s happened over the years so many times, from deodorant and body spray to a box of cereal… I’m more excited about going out and doing other types of things. Maybe bagels pizza crust and pizza rolls, then pizza sticks, or just another type of crust, and some type of shit like that.

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