Liverpool’s ‘Top Rated’ Cafe Serving Huge Brekky Bagels – Amy Browne

A Liverpool cafe ranked among the best in town serves delicious breakfast bagels that will keep you full all day.

As well as wooing customers with its delicious food and pretty interior, Lucy In The Sky might just be one of Liverpool’s friendliest venues. This week I went to try it and came away smiling.

The cafe is a small unit on Exchange Street East, just off Dale Street. Inside, the owners have made the most of the space, with several well-proportioned tables and clever lighting that makes everything feel warm and inviting. The retro wallpaper and neon lights are Instagram-worthy and there are cute little design touches throughout.

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Seconds after walking through the door, the woman behind the counter greeted me with a smile, handed me a menu and told me she would be at my table to take an order. There were several empty tables, but once I sat down it didn’t last long. By the time I ordered, the place was full except for one table.

The breakfast menu includes a mega sound full English, with two bacon, two sausages, two eggs, two hash browns, beans, mushrooms and two toasts, all for £8.50. There is also a choice of Omelet (£6.50), Eggs Benedict or Egg Florentine (£6.50), Egg Royale (£7.50), Smashed Avocado (£6 ) and various breakfast staples “on toast”. I opted for the Brekky Bagel (£6.50), which comes with eggs, sausage, hash browns and cheese, and also ordered a tea (£1.90).

Lucy In The Sky cafe in Liverpool

The cafe is run by Lucy, who – as she explained to me while chatting while taking my order – is the daughter of the original owner Margy. Tea arrived moments later, steaming in a large pot with a small jug of milk and a biscuit on the side.

It wasn’t long before the huge Brekky Bagel arrived and it was like the kind of thing that can cure a hangover (not that I’ve had one) just by looking at it. It was so big there was no way I would pick it up, so I snuck in with a knife and fork.

To be honest, it all got a little messy, falling apart as I ate it, but that wasn’t a bad thing. The bagel was perfectly toasted and nice and fluffy, and the eggs were cooked to perfection – soft, fluffy and well seasoned.

The sausages were on the small side and didn’t taste particularly refined, but there were two of them and they weren’t too greasy. There was maybe a little too much Red Leicester cheese for me – the whole thing was covered in a large melted slab – but it was easy enough to get some of it off.

Lucy In The Sky cafe in Liverpool
Lucy In The Sky cafe in Liverpool

The hash brown was deliciously crispy but crumbled somewhat under the pressure of the rest of the bagel. Since I ate it with a knife and fork, it didn’t really matter. Having such a large teapot was a godsend as it meant I could keep filling my cup while working through the gigantic bagel.

Once I was done – and finished the biscuit that came with the tea – I was totally drunk and stayed that way for hours. It certainly set me up for the day and I didn’t get hungry until late afternoon.

In addition to breakfast, Lucy In The Sky serves hearty lunches, including baked pasta, soup, baked potatoes, and sandwiches. There are also homemade cakes and they even serve a quirky ‘Wheelie Bin Milkshake’ (£3.50), which comes in the form of a miniature version of the town’s famous purple bin.

After my visit, I can certainly see why this is Liverpool’s number one cafe on TripAdvisor. The friendly service would have me coming back on my own, but luckily the food is just as memorable.

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