Make Póg-Style Pancakes at Home This Pancake Tuesday

Desperate to make pancakes? Or simply obsessed with the Póg recipe?

If your family is anything like mine, every Pancake Tuesday a battered piece of paper from grade school comes out with a pancake recipe. Shouldn’t we know how to make them now? Yes probably. It’s just milk, eggs and flour after all, isn’t it? False – it is traditional to pull the crumpled sheet from the depths of any cookbook it has been sandwiched between. But if that same old recipe doesn’t work for you, why not order Póg’s Perfect Homemade Pancake Kit?

This year, Póg is making a homemade protein pancake kit, just in time for Pancake Tuesday. In the Póg pancake box you get 425g of protein pancake mix, granola, steel cut oats, mixed seeds, nutella, maple syrup, dark chocolate drops and white chocolate drops , all for 25 € per kit. Póg an chócaire.

This Homemade Póg Pancake Kit is available for delivery nationwide, so place your order before this special Tuesday March 1st! The last day to order is Wednesday, February 23, so best to be quick. You can place your order via this link HERE.

Header image via Instagram/pog_dublin

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