Maple syrup season returns to Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Shack

OTTAWA – Maple syrup season is upon us and several sugar shacks are hoping for a better year in business.

Fulton Creperie and Sugar Shack are ready to welcome visitors back to their 400 acre maple farm in Pakenham, Ontario.

2020 hasn’t been so sweet for their business. COVID shut down the popular venue last March, which relies heavily on sales of their pancake breakfast. According to owner Shirley Fulton-Deugo, visitors make up almost 80% of their income.

“It has been a very difficult year financially,” says Fulton-Deugo. “And just trying to change our business to have a whole new business model that we’ve never had before.”

The restaurant couldn’t serve its popular pancake feast this year, so Fulton-Deugo turned it into a store that sells all maple.

“We just have delicious food in our store, we are very proud of the way we bought our products,” said Fulton-Deugo. “All pure maple products, butter, maple sugar, candies, granulated sugar, our BBQ sauce, our mustard, our granolas, our pancake mix, our spices.”

There are hundreds of items to choose from. There is coffee, as well as health products. Plus, the items they don’t make come from local Ontario farmers and artists.

Fulton-Deugo says it’s important to help other small businesses.

Visitors to the Sugar Shack are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, head to the store to purchase hand-made take-out items, such as cookies and butter cups, and then head out into the forest to enjoy. many kilometers of hiking trails.

Families will also have the option to book private tours on the Heritage Trail and on some weekends public tours will also be available.

Sticky treats like taffy on ice and maple cotton candy will be available for purchase with drinks.

And if you’re looking to bring the sugar shack experience home, Fulton’s has you covered. They’ve created breakfast baskets, which have everything you need, including pancake mix, coffee, tea, maple syrup, and treats. You can also add maple sausage and their famous beans.

There are also kits for birding, for tapping your own tree and making your own maple syrup and curbside pickup is available.

Fulton-Deugo says so far that the season looks promising and that Mother Nature knows nothing about COVID, the trees are happy and ready to produce.

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