McDonald’s Breakfast Menu: Are Bagels Forget? Are the bagels coming back? Why were bagels removed from the menu?

For many, breakfast at McDonald’s is part of their daily routine.

A trip to the golden arches in the first place can save you a few minutes on a rushed morning, or provide a treat to start the day.

However, for some, something has been missing from this experience for quite some time.

Breakfast bagels, which were once served as part of the fast food restaurant’s breakfast menu, have been missing from the breakfast menu since the first coronavirus lockdown in March 2020.

The restaurant operated a limited menu for a few months after it reopened, and only recently have things slowly started to return to normal.

However, breakfast bagels, which McDonald’s offered a variety of different types including bacon, eggs, and cream cheese, have yet to return to the beloved breakfast menu.

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So, have bagels been abandoned?

McDonald’s has confirmed a few key menu items are still missing from their menu

This is so that the restaurant can maintain the security measures they have put in place inside their kitchens.

Among these items are the beloved bagels.

But, the restaurant said that didn’t necessarily mean they were gone for good.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “When we started reopening our restaurants in May of last year, we did so with a reduced menu to facilitate the safety measures that were introduced in our kitchens and areas. on duty.

“Although we have gradually reintroduced more menu items over the following months, safety remains our number one priority, which means that a small number of products have yet to be returned. “

Items that have not yet been returned are bagels, breakfast wraps, snack wraps and grilled chicken items.

McDonald’s said it will continually reassess its security measures to see if missed items can return to the menu.

However, they will only do this when they are certain that the security conditions will not be affected inside the restaurants.

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