Montreal’s 10 Best Bagels, Ranked

Like the last two spots, this company doesn’t make its own bagels – it buys them from St. Viator. This means that Hinnawi does not have its own recipe or method of making bagels. It could also mean that the bagels aren’t always so fresh. At lunch, the bagels shipped earlier in the morning get a bit stale. At least one Yelp critic noticed this event in Hinnawi.

But Hinnawi had to do something to get our recommendation. For one thing, the spot gets some excellent, deliciously sweet and dense bagels (via Thrillist). Second, it turns those bagels into something beautiful: a variety of delicious bagel sandwiches. As Latin Quarter said: “Montreal is famous for its bagels, but have you tried the bagel sandwiches? You can eat a St Viateur bagel in the form of a sandwich! Hinnawi might not know how to make a bagel, but this place knows how to turn it into a tasty meal.

To this small chain, you can get classic sandwiches like a bagel with cream cheese, a BLT, or an egg and cheese. By the menu, there are even more unique sandwiches to choose from. The “Montreal” is made with smoked meat, cheddar, pickle, dijon and mayonnaise. The “Toronto” offers grilled turkey, bacon, mozzarella, avocado and tomato. If you want to venture away from cream cheese, Hinnawi Bros is the Montreal bagel spot for you.

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