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Do you know what’s cool about eating food out of your freezer for the foreseeable future? Nothing … until now. Bantam Bagels is about to take your freezer from drab to fabulous, launching innovative new products and hitting the shelves of local grocery stores near you! Bantam’s unique twists on the favorite classics you love, from bagels and pancakes to Pizza– will bring a burst of fun to the otherwise boring life of your freezer!

Bantam Bagels is the most unique and exciting way to eat New York’s most iconic food, breaking into the New York bagel-sphere 6 years ago and changing the way people eat the iconic bagel. Since reinventing the bagel, Bantam has quickly become the go-to brand for foodie-focused disruption. Bantam has caught the eye of every on-the-go foodie, carbohydrate enthusiast, calorie conscious and New Yorker and beyond.

Bantam is the brand that takes all the foods you absolutely love and makes them accessible, fun, portable, and not to mention delicious! From their stuffed mini pancakes (hello, no need to wait for the weekend to eat a good pancake), to the stuffing of their mini egg and cheese bagels (with 5g of protein each … Protein Bar Time!), Bantam continues to bring amazing innovative items to the frozen breakfast scene.

Now, Bantam Bagels are excited to introduce more versions of their mini bites stuffed with iconic delicacies. With this rollout, there’s finally a guilt-free, palm-sized, snack-friendly solution for each of your iconic favorites. No more fork and knife.

Bantam Pizza Bites are available in Margherita, Supreme, Pepperoni and Five Cheese, made with REAL pizza, REAL tomatoes, REAL cheese, REAL meat and most importantly, the REAL NYC business attitude. Available exclusively at Vons and Pavilions in SoCal.

Bantam Bagel Egg Bites come stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese and meat. The newest member of their Egg Bites line will be stuffed with bacon, for a full, protein-packed, handmade breakfast. Target stores available only.

Surviving the toughest bagel reviews, New Yorkers, the Oleksaks continue to believe that if you can do it here, you can do it anywhere – and that’s a classic New York story. Bantam’s flagship store is in New York’s West Village, but you can find Bantams in many grocery stores across the country. Bantam bagels can also be ordered online at

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