New York icon H&H Bagels launches national franchise program

Five-unit New York icon H&H Bagels is looking to expand its New York-style bagels beyond the five boroughs with the announcement of a national franchise program in October.

Since then, H&H Bagels has made strides in expanding into its current markets: New York City’s fifth store recently opened in Moynihan Train Hall inside New York’s Penn Station and a new store in New York City. wholesale bakery is coming soon to Queens, New York.

The company also intends to recruit franchisees and aggressively expand into the nation’s major metropolitan markets through franchising, particularly in Florida and the Upper Midwest, particularly Chicago, and eventually across the country. west coast, with a long-term goal of having a retail presence in all 50 states.

“We have been working on this for five years and it has been a gradual development [toward franchising]”Said CEO Jay Rushin.” We made the most of a really bad situation [the pandemic], and it gave us the opportunity to learn much faster than we would normally have.

For New Yorkers, bagels are a boast, with many saying the special quality of the water is the secret to a premium product. So how will this translate into markets outside of the New York metro area? Enter, the Queens Wholesale Bakery, where all H&H bagels will be produced and then shipped to stores nationwide where they will be finished in on-site ovens – no shipping of tap water is necessary.

“This way we will guarantee a real authentic New York Bagel to be enjoyed anywhere in the country,” said Rushin.

In addition to finding a bagel shipping system, H&H Bagels has also passed the pandemic to downsizing its menu, like many restaurants that battled inflated supply chain prices and a locked-down economy last year. Bagel shops in the New York City area are known for their multitude of flavors from cream cheese, from blueberries and chocolate to all the classic spreads. Rushin said H&H had cut its menu by 40% over the past three years to eliminate waste, as it realized many customers liked to stick with the classics: like bacon eggs and cheese. , or a mix of cream cheese and lox on a plain bagel (the plain bagel, he said, is their number one seller).

Recently, H&H has also started to move towards a “Chipotle-style” assembly line mode of operation, which allows for more efficient production.

“The bagel business has more modifiers than any other food business because you can toast it or not, heavy spread or light spread, etc., so there is plenty of room for mistakes,” a- he declared. “We thought that this model of making the sandwich in front of the guests will reduce those errors. “

As H&H Bagels looks to grow nationwide, Rushin said it is quite open to signing new franchisees with little to no experience, but also hopes to inspire experienced franchisees to add brands. to their portfolio and to raise the profile of the brand.

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