New York’s $ 1 per slice pizza deals may soon be history

There might not be a bad pizza, especially in New York City, but some slices leave a bad taste. That’s because the region’s legendary $ 1 slice deals are getting harder and harder to find.

According to The New York Post, you can thank a mix of inflation, supply chain issues, and labor for the eroding cost of the pie. Chez 2 Frères Pizza out of 8e Avenue, a sign touting their legendary $ 1 slices now comes with a notice: pizza is now $ 1.50.

Oren Halali, co-owner of 2 Bros. Pizza, told To post that rising costs have affected everything from napkins and flour to pizza toppings, forcing a break from the $ 1 tradition.

Another pizzeria, Lenny Giordano, Free details on social networks. Giordano said the price of garlic alone has risen 400 percent. A package of pizza boxes, which once cost $ 16, now costs $ 30. Even expenses for the gas used to power pizza ovens are increasing thanks to fuel costs. (Giordano’s $ 2 bracket is now $ 3.)

It’s hard to know exactly when the $ 1 deal first gained fame, but a 2018 Vice The article identified it as having reached its peak after the 2008 financial crisis, when people looking to save money began to increasingly look for a cheap, portable lunch. The $ 1 slices, while not usually among the best in town, were the most affordable.

The first cracks in the crust may have started in 2018, when expiring leases and rising rents forced some storefronts to start raising prices. With this latest supply shortage, that puts many dealers at $ 1 on the wire.

Of course, it’s not just New York. Nationally, inflation represents an increase of about 20 percent in the prices of pies to consumers. But the faltering cost of the city’s tranche deal is symbolic. When the $ 1 deals run out, you know the world has changed.

[h/t Food & Wine]

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