No more bagels for Brookline at a second Mamaleh’s


Or : Mamaleh’s, in Brookline this time.

Why: The deli has opened a second branch in Washington Square, and you want bagels.

The backstory: The first Mamaleh’s opened in Kendall Square, Cambridge, in 2016. The new location was previously a Dunkin ‘, as evidenced by the still-present’ D ‘handle. (Inside, however, everything is in classic black-and-white tiling.) To open the restaurant, the Mamaleh team teamed up with crowdfunding company NuMarket, raising more than $ 180,000. In return, campaign supporters receive 120% of their contributions in the form of credit to be used at Mamaleh.

Co-owners Alon Munzer and Rachel Miller Munzer.Lane Turner / Globe Staff

What to eat: Classic bagel sandwiches, with Nova and cream cheese or whitefish salad, plus tomatoes, capers and red onions. Hot corned beef over seeded rye with mustard and half a sour on the side. A Reuben pastrami, pressed over rye with Swiss, sauerkraut and Russian vinaigrette. Don’t forget to add a babka muffin, a pumpernickel or rugelach chocolate chip cookie, as well as treats from the deli crate (tongue! Egg salad!) And freezer (matzoh ball soup! Blintzes) !).

Patisseries at Mamaleh's in Brookline's Washington Square.
Patisseries at Mamaleh’s in Brookline’s Washington Square.Lane Turner / Globe Staff

What to drink: Along with bagels, coffee made with Bubbe’s Beans, the house blend created by Barrington Coffee Roasters. With deli sandwiches, Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray, black cherry or cream soda.

Customers place their orders at the new Mamaleh store in Washington Square in Brookline.
Customers place their orders at the new Mamaleh store in Washington Square in Brookline.Lane Turner / Globe Staff

Takeaway meals: Washington Square’s long-running B&D Deli closed in 2005, and Mamaleh’s is here to help fill the void in the neighborhood.

1659, rue Beacon, Brookline, 617-958-DELI,

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