Only two of America’s best pizzerias are found in Illinois


I always thought Illinois was the pizza capital of the world.

Obviously, born and raised in Chicago, I have a fondness for the pizza that is produced in the land of Lincoln.

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Heck, when my family and I moved to Rockford, I found the pizza here was just as good as it was in Windy City.

So how do I explain out of a list of 25 that only two pizzas in the entire state are tasty enough to be considered America’s best?

Just as I mentioned my penchant for Illinois pizza, the author of 25 best pizzerias in America to 24/7 tempo must be pro-east coast pizza.

It is all I have. Because the top 5 on the list are either New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.

Only one pizzeria in Chicago was on the list and this place has pizzas that are so popular they are taking hold in states across America.

at Lou Malnati arrives at # 9 and 24/7 Tempo says:

Pizza purists like to say that Chicago style deep pizza isn’t a pizza, it’s a casserole.

Is it a casserole dish? Even when an Illinois pizzeria is listed, there are nit-picks. Go 24/7 Tempo, Lou Malnati is the truth and you know it.

The last restaurant on the list is one you might not have heard of before. At # 21 east Burt’s place in Morton Grove.

24/7 tempo:

Revered writer and TV personality Anthony Bourdain called the pies here “the only deep pizza I’ve ever loved”. Staking out the claim to serve “Chicago’s best pan-fried pizza,” Burt’s does a good enough job to live up to its bragging rights.

Another dig down to the Chicago Deep Dish but 24/7 Tempo qualifies it with a quote from Bourdain. In case you were wondering, Bourdain was an east coast guy. I’m not sure if he had an East Coast bias, but I can tell you this list certainly does.

What’s the best pizza in Illinois? Tell us.

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