Paesano looking for a professional pizza taster in the best dream job alert

We frequently write about jobs we see in and around Glasgow that we consider to be ‘dream jobs’.

But this one really is the pizza in our eyes: Glasgow favorites Paesano are looking for a professional pizza taster.

It’s true – you could get paid to eat as much Paesano pizza as your belly could handle.

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The winning candidate would eat at Paesano every two weeks, to taste, test new specialties and share their “gourmet discoveries” with the restaurant and the world of social networks.

The tester will be able to take advantage of one of the special offers from each of the restaurants launched this week and is invited to bring a friend with him to share his luck.

To have a chance of changing positions, you must have a “delicious obsession with food” and more specifically a “love of pizza“.

They must also have eaten at least once in Paesano – which doesn’t really limit the situation in Glasgow.

They also need to use Instagram, Tiktok, and have a foodie-type social media presence — and one last thing — they need to love cheese.

Paesano bosses said it was an unpaid role – so don’t quit the day job.

They wrote on Instagram: “Have you ever seen those job offers that seem too good to be true? Well, be patient because this could be one of them…⁣⁣

“We’re looking for our very first professional pizza taster. We know it – we almost can’t believe it either.

“We are looking for someone to dine with us every two weeks, try our new specialties and share their gourmet discoveries with us and the world of social media.⁣

“Want a piece of the pie? Then just click the link in our bio to apply.”

⁣You can apply for the position by clicking here.

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