Pancake chain Fuwa Fuwa will open a second store in Calgary this fall

Fuwa Fuwa, a popular Japanese pancake restaurant, is opening a new location in Calgary this fall.

Calgary’s first location was a long time coming, but it recently opened and it looks like YYC is lucky to get a second one.

In the university district, the grand opening will take place in September.

This chain is known for its incredibly soft and airy pancakes, with fillings including fresh fruit, decadent chocolate, homemade cream cheeses, and more.

The name means fluffy in Japanese, and the pancakes are some of the fluffiest you’ll ever taste.

Pancakes are made by whipping egg whites into soft peaks, which gives them their soufflé quality. Also like a soufflé, the pancakes are cooked slowly at a low temperature.

It’s a delicate process that combines traditional soufflé and pancake cooking techniques, creating a one-of-a-kind item that Calgary will lose.

Fuwa Fuwa Signature is served with strawberries, blueberries and bananas, but there are also creations like tiramisu, crème brûlée and matcha and red bean pancakes.

Pancakes are the way to go here, but there are also extravagant waffle dishes, macaroons, rolls, pancakes, cookies, and even burnt cheesecake.

Stay tuned for any announcements regarding this new University District location.

In the meantime, stop by 1111 Kensington Road NW for all your Japanese soufflé pancake cravings.

Fuwa Fuwa

Address: University District, Calgary


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