Perth’s best bagels: Satchmo, Get Ya Fix, LuLu LaLa, Gemini Cafe and Recess

With one in two cafes creating their own take on the boiled breaded hoop, it’s become easier to get a bite of classic New York freshness here in WA.

I’ve sampled five in the Perth area to guide you on the best place to spend your money.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Bagel

Gemini Cafe

This cafe on St Georges Terrace is perhaps best known for its desserts and teddy bear iced coffees, but it also has a delicious Blueberry Cream Cheese Bagel ($15.50). This dish is a work of art, served on a large Tiffany blue plate with a generous filling of cream cheese and ice cream on top. I really felt like a princess eating this bagel, a must for everyone. 9/10

Camera iconThe Lower East Side’s Get Ya Fix bagel. Credit: April Ooi

Lower side is

Get your fix

Get Ya Fix is ​​a casual, industrial-style cafe located at the end of the Maples of William Street. I ordered the Lower East Side ($15.50), with the ever-popular smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese combo, with a tasteful twist of arugula and chili flakes to cut the keto mania. All components have been meticulously proportioned – the cornerstone of impeccable bagel craftsmanship. 8/10

Lulu Lala's Strawberry Cream Cheese Bagel in Northbridge.
Camera iconLulu Lala’s Strawberry Cream Cheese Bagel in Northbridge. Credit: April Ooi

Strawberry Cream Cheese Bagel

Lulu Lala

Lulu Lala is an unassuming gray box in the heart of Northbridge that draws massive lines for their famous Perth bagels and matcha lattes. I couldn’t resist the Strawberry Cream Cheese ($8) – it tasted so juicy and wasn’t artificial at all (which is my main concern when choosing strawberry flavored items) . My schmear wasn’t as thick as I saw on Insta, but the bagel itself had a nice toasty crunch and the line moved quickly. 7.5/10

Popular North Perth cafe, Satchmo's Brekky Bagel.
Camera iconPopular North Perth cafe, Satchmo’s Brekky Bagel. Credit: April Ooi

Bagel Brekky

Cafe Satchmo

Satchmo is a North Perth favorite and never fails to make me feel like a character in a sitcom. Unfortunately they don’t do Reuben bagels anymore so I had to get the brekky bagel ($15) instead. It was really good value for money. I had a huge stack and every bite was gooey from the melted fried egg. I wasn’t a fan of the thick cut bacon but other than that I was happy with my hearty meal. 7.5/10

Recess Chicken Bagel Katsu.
Camera iconRecess Chicken Bagel Katsu. Credit: April Ooi

Chicken katsu bagel


I spotted Recess along Barrack Street and couldn’t pass the chicken katsu bagel ($15.50), oozing with mozzarella cheese as it sat in the double boiler. However, it looked much better than it tasted. It was grilled with the spinach inside, creating a muddy seaweed-like mess and the chicken katsu tasted like a stale frozen nugget. 5/10

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