Pizza donuts! New mac n cheese donuts also at Chin Up Donuts

Mac and cheese and pizza are like donuts – wouldn’t you like to be able to eat them any time of the day? Now you can! Introducing the Pizza Party and Mac & Cheese Beignet! You can only get these delicious dinner donuts at Chin Up Donuts in Scottsdale.

Check out the stuffed mac and cheese noodles inside the mac and cheese beignet in the video above!

You’ve heard of pizza bagels, but THIS is a pizza doughnut! The Pizza Party is the only pizza doughnut in the entire state of Arizona.


How was the donut pizza born? Donut Owner and CEO Alex McEntire asked, “Pizza goes on pizza dough, why not donut dough?”

“I had fun playing with the cheese and pepperoni! We take our brioche-style dough, which is a nice buttery rich dough on our donut ring, then brush it with our marinara sauce. We top it with a mixture of pizza with grated mozzarella, pepperoni, then we give it a good blowtorch so that it is well melted.”

Macaroni and Cheese Fritters:

“I was trying to make a donut out of it and then I thought, why not a donut? So I can really load it up with all the goodness and cheese! It’s your typical donut. We take our brioche dough and “Let’s load it full of macaroni! It’s full of shredded cheese and mac. Then it’s glazed with a cheese sauce that’s a bit sweet but almost like nacho cheese sauce on top!”

McEntire warns that the Mac & Cheese donut is usually only available on weekends, but it’s still flavor rotations. To confirm that the donuts you want to try will be in stock before you hop in the car, she strongly suggests checking their Instagram for flavor updates first! These special donuts are limited in supply, so once they’re gone, you’ll have to wait for the next batch!

Chin Up Donuts
7325 E Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. Office 103
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Business hours:
Sunday – Saturday: 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.

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