Pizza Hut’s retro clothing line will delight 90s fans


According to Lindsay Morgan, Marketing Director of Pizza Hut, the playful collection was designed “to give our biggest fans a chance to show their love of pizza through fun and trendy streetwear-inspired pieces that are still classically Pizza Hut. “.

The nostalgia-inspired collection includes a red and white plaid tracksuit (for $ 99.99), a jeweled pepperoni-adorned pizza necklace (for $ 19.99), Hut logo-printed zipper shoes (for 24 , $ 99) and a Tiffany lamp inspired t-shirt. – shirt (for $ 15.99). Pizza Hut’s iconic red plastic cups are also available for purchase, priced at $ 9.99. According to Morgan, “From the jeweled pepperoni chain to the classic red mugs, our team has carefully crafted the details to give fans across the country a new way to show their love of Pizza Hut.”

The Tastewear collection is Pizza Hut’s latest effort to tap into the nostalgia of the classic chain, which announced the closure of 500 stores across the country in 2019. The new Hut-inspired clothing line is part of the “Newstalgia” campaign “from the restaurant (via Pizza Hut), which aims to “bring all the nostalgic feelings back to the customers” of the restaurant, with the help of actor and comedian Craig Robinson as the campaign spokesperson.

While the new collection is unlikely to relaunch Pizza Hut in its Tiffany lamp-tinted glory days, it will give nostalgic Hut fans the opportunity to show their support – and look stylish enough in it. doing.

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