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Eltana Bagels delivers a new colorful version:

Their Rainbow Bagels are typically only available in store on weekends, but they are now making them available to all of our neighborhood delivery customers. These are extremely popular with kids and just in time to celebrate Pride Month in June.

You can add them to your neighborhood delivery order here (delivery to Edmonds, Shoreline or Lake Forest Park on June 17th).

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Support: How our local restaurant community works

Conor O’Neill

Conor O’Neill, owner / baker at The chalet’s community bakery, recently shared his gratitude:

“I am blown away and humbled by the support of our close-knit community as The Cottage goes through some trials and tribulations.” He went on to share that Bistro 76 allowed The Cottage to use its kitchen and prep space during its off hours.

“The Cottage staff and I are very grateful to them for providing us with space as the storefront draws to a close. Until the transition to our new location, we will be launching an online ordering platform. This will allow us to continue doing what we love and providing the community with fresh baked goods. “

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B-3 Breakfast and hamburger bar, located at 4027 196th SW in Lynnwood and currently featured on the Lynnwood Restaurant window, is an excellent choice for breakfast or lunch that is served throughout the day.

Dine there, to go or use one of the many delivery options – see the links on their website. Please check before visiting as they have revised opening hours. Currently, the hours are Monday to Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

I texted the menu link to my husband and asked him what he would like to order. His response: “A Bloody Mary and a Bloody Maria!”

While the comprehensive list of their mixed drink and premium beer menus is impressive, the B-3 is not a bar masquerading as a breakfast bar. The inviting and comfortable interior, the large windows create a bright atmosphere, the stand dividers and open tables are creatively spaced, and not a bar stool in sight.

Let’s come to the food on this menu. I’ll start with a Sesame Street loophole in their name – B-3. (Imagine, please a Cookie Monster voice)

“What begins with the letter B?” “

Bacon, buns, braised pork belly strips. The quality ground beef burgers, still slightly pink in the middle, for my taste are just perfect.

“Hey, it’s more than three,” my son said. He was right and also agreed – the menu is a pleasure to read.

The eclectic names on the menus always grab my attention. I absolutely had to order a sandwich called The BELTCH. I will decode for you: B is bacon, E is equal to eggs, L for lettuce leaves, T – tomato, C- let’s say cheese and H- ham. If one burped, after a few bites, it would be a sign of approval, on par with proper etiquette in some cultures.

BELTCH burger with sweet potato fries.

BELTCH is one of those sandwiches to order if you are unsure. You want a little breakfast but not bacon and eggs on a plate – this item does the trick and all the ingredients are packed into a brioche bun.

FA-GETTA-BOD-IT? Your really begging to differ. I can’t forget this fabulous burger. Perfect grilled premium beef – a hint of rose in the center. A big pile of sliced ​​ham, a fried egg whose yolk still oozes gold, bright yellow, mozzarella melting all over the mixture of meats, nestled in a tender bun. Topped with sliced ​​tomatoes and basil aioli, the flavor vibe ensures it would be ordered by Donnie Brasco if he stopped in for a bite.


How to improve a grilled cheese sandwich? Add a slice of sizzling pork belly and onion jam and call it a PB&J – Pork Belly and Jam. The menu innocently lists it as Pork Belly, but baby, this sandwich is addicting.

Grilled cheese with pork belly.

Every bite was reminiscent of Skillet, the innovative Seattle food truck that plied its trade from a vintage Airstream trailer. Skillet prepared his street food operation in a kitchen on the ground floor of the Seattle Design Center building. Fumes of bacon jam rose in the elevator shaft and the delicious aroma flooded our senses every time the door opened to our floor. Fortunately the kitchen opened on market days so we could buy some of their savory dishes. Can’t beat the combination of salt pork and sweet and savory jam.

Burgers and sandwiches are served with small fries of your choice, sweet potato fries, soup or salad. Gluten-free rolls are available, and for a little more moola, truffle fries or onion rings can accompany the order.

Homemade potato chips, which have received much praise in the past, are no longer in “post-COVID” production, but the lovely woman on the phone who took my order has promised “Soon”.

The onion rings are worth the extra $ 2 – a generous portion that, even after a drive through heavy traffic, was still crisp and flavorful.

Ditto for fried pickles:

Crispy coating and crispy sparkle of dill locked inside. I’d love to get a recipe for the sauce that comes with it – tons of dill and other herbs in a mayonnaise that had just the right amount of sweetness to counter the salt in the pickles.

The soup was clam chowder the day we ordered. The combination of creamy liquid, tender chopped clams, onion and celery in the cup was perfectly seasoned.

Please note that chicken breast or vegetable patties can be added to any sandwich or burger.

More healthy options in the salad section:

Burger Bowl is sure to appeal to those who avoid carbs:

Burger salad bowl

Mix of greens, grape tomato, cucumber, premium beef patty, avocado, all seasoned with honey mustard.

The Quinoa Power Salad has garnered rave reviews at our table: crispy spinach, arugula, and tender quinoa grains are topped with avocado, grape tomatoes, red onions, and chickpeas, all dressed in a classic dressing.

All this is on the lunch menu.

Here is a remarkable list of the “B’s” that fill the breakfast menu:

Brioche French toast, nutella banana pancakes, lemon ricotta pancakes garnished with blueberries, and of course the cookies and the sauce.

Finally a triple dose of the letter B: fresh berries and bananas crown a Belgian waffle stuffed with nuts. Wow!

Waffle with berries and bananas with nuts

~ ~ ~ ~

Lynnwood Restaurant Showcase lists another great place to dine: Sam Oh Jung Restaurant, located at 17425 Highway 99 #A, in Lynnwood. A favorite pre-COVID dinner experience, I’m happy to see it reopen and share with readers their excellent and truly authentic Korean fare. How authentic? Well… their web page is not in English.

Every weekend, especially Sunday after the end of local services, the place is full of families. We have fond memories of witnessing multigenerational celebrations. Grouped tables of people, from babies to elderly grandparents, the latter entertaining toddlers with paper birds formed from gift wrap or bouncing on their knees, while parents and older siblings enjoy their meals.

Banchan – the name of the collection of small dishes that contain tastes of items like kimchi, pickled vegetables, and more – are placed in the middle of the table to be shared while waiting for the main course.

The waiters are keeping an eye out and if they notice an empty dish ask if we would like refills.

Banchan abounds at Sam Oh Jung.

“Yes!” especially for the kimchi and the marinated Roman version too. It is a delicate dance to enjoy the Banchan and save space in your stomach for the main meal.

An absolute favorite is the Korean Seafood Pancake.

It stands to reason that this will be ordered, although much of it goes home for a late night snack. A confession: I generously season the salty quarters with the spicy red sauce, which I nicknamed Korean Ketchup, intended only for Bibimbap.

A bowl of fine soy broth is served next to the pancake. I happily ignore this and wait.

Since I order the planned dish, the squeeze bottle of the desired condiment appears at the table… finally. You can’t ask for Korean ketchup before the Bibimbap dish. I’ve experienced this in many Korean restaurants, a passive / non-aggressive way of persuading me to use the right broth I guess. As we wrap extra servings of seafood pancakes to take home, I quickly fill the corner of the container with sauce, before the bottle is picked up by the waiter.

Oh, the joys of the well-prepared Bibimbap.


At Sam Oh Jung, there’s no need to discuss the egg topping this dish. The fried egg sparkled, topped with strips of grilled Nori seaweed. A few quick turns of the contents of the bowl distribute the yolk, gently brought to temperature by the hot rice and vegetables. The sizzling noises in the cast iron bowl meant that with patience the bottom layer of rice would soon be crisp and golden. You just can’t duplicate the concept of “hot stone” in a takeout order.

Coming soon Dubu Chigae – tofu soup containing one egg and my husband’s choice – mushroom – delighted. He counted several varieties in each spicy spoonful: “My kind of Korean comfort food.” Accompanied by steaming brown rice, he felt satisfied.

Finally, a favorite part of indoor dining at Sam Oh Jung’s is the authentic Korean coffee maker. This wonder dispenses unlimited tiny cups of Latte and Sweetened Latte and Job’s Tears Tea free of charge, all at the touch of a button.

Korean coffee and tea on tap

My darling asked me about the highway 99 highway. “Do you think they’ll have the machine running, or will it be another COVID disappointment?” It seems that the pandemic has prevented the return of old favorites to the menus. »Ah yes, these homemade chips!

Delighted to see the machine, and its lights indicated it was operational, he paid the bill, stepped over and pressed the button. Like a kid on Christmas morning, his big smile lit up the room.

Machine dispensed tea

The cashier also smiles. Looks like he’s not the only one …

~ ~ ~ ~

Fathers need to feel love. While they seem to like taking care of the grill, I bet most would like to sit down and be served. Fortunately for them and for us too… the opportunity has really opened up!

Get out. Enjoy a meal, seated with family or friends, served on real dishes, accompanied by cutlery, and drinks sipped by the glass.

Happy Father’s Day, Happy Summer and soon to come: Happy 4th of July!

– By Kathy Passage

A gourmet specialtyAs a food broker for over 30 years, Kathy Passage has an in-depth knowledge of foods and the special qualities of the ingredients used in the exquisite products she has helped bring to market. Kathy brings this unique ‘other side of the plate’ perspective to writing on the food and dining scene in Edmonds, Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace.


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