Richardson’s DaNang Souphouse tastes great in small bites

Vietnamese cuisine is no stranger to DFW, nor to DaNang Souphouse. Open since 2019 near the backbone of a Sears department store, this restaurant offers new regional Vietnamese dishes from its namesake city of Da Nang that are perfect for anyone looking to expand their culinary repertoire.

You won’t miss your favorite beef pho, but also try the assortment of dishes barely the size of a palm, some wrapped in banana leaves. They’re steamed savory bites, and each dish’s name is translated into English to help you relax and appreciate what it’s made of.

Start with a plate of bánh bot loc tran, mini thimble-sized shrimp and pork balls coated in a crystalline tapioca skin, served in threes, garnished with crispy caramelized shallots and onions. chopped fresh greens. There’s also the banh bot loc la, which instead of coming in the form of dumplings, is flat, wrapped and steamed in a banana leaf. Unwrap the delicate wrapper and reveal its translucent skin, where a tiny shrimp is nestled and rolled up on its equally tiny bed of pork belly.

Then take a banh nam, a flat, ground rice cake topped with a mixture of ground pork and shrimp, also wrapped and steamed in a banana leaf. The last is banh it tom thit, a sticky or sticky rice dumpling with the same combination of shrimp and pork.

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Banh bot loc la, banh nam, banh it tom thit from DaNang Souphouse are small bites steamed in banana leaves.

Didi Paterno

The banh bot loc is chewy while the banh nam melts on the tongue, leaving the ground pork and shrimp to end with a chew. Banh it tom is your golden mean, chewy yet just enough to chew on before it melts on your tongue.

Proceed to scooping up the spoon-sized savory cakes, the banh beo.

DaNang Souphouse has two kinds: banh beo tom thit and banh beo tom chay, which have the same base of steamed ground rice but different toppings. The first has a minced pork and shrimp sauce, and the second is served with chopped and grilled shrimp and crispy shallots. Each can be topped with chopped roasted peanuts to add crunch to each chewy bite.

Click to enlarge Danang bahn beos and bah bot loc tran from DaNang Souphouse - DIDI PATERNO

Danang bahn beos and bah bot loc tran from DaNang Souphouse

Didi Paterno

The whole thing is embellished with a touch of nuoc mam cham, a seasoned fish sauce with a sweet finish and a pinch of spice.

Since you’re about to add more to your Vietnamese cooking repertoire, you might as well head to their noodle bar.

Your favorites, pho and bún thit nuong, vermicelli with grilled pork chops, are present. But venture out to taste the bun rieu, with rice noodles in a tomato and pork broth with crab, shrimp and pork balls, or the mi quang with yellow flat noodles, lightly in sauce with broth and garnished with shrimp, sliced ​​pork and half a hard-boiled egg. Again, DaNang Souphouse holds your hand with love with Vietnamese and English signs explaining which herbs and roughage go best with each bowl of noodles.

Danang Souphouse, 1600 E. Belt Line Road, Richardson. Open from Friday to Sunday, lunch service from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., evening service from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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