Savory Mushroom Crêpes – French Pancake Breakfast

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring and there are so many great ways to start the day. If you love French cuisine, eggs and mushrooms, this is the one for you. Crepes are a thin French crepe that is very versatile and makes a great base for anything you add to it. They’re surprisingly chewy for a thin pancake, and they’re lightly fried for added crispness. Savory mushroom pancakes are quick to make and perfect any day of the week. However, they’re even better for those weekend family treats around the breakfast table.

Pancakes are very easy to prepare and can take a long time to prepare if you are new to frying them. You can easily double the recipe if you’re not sure or just have more people coming. Fry your eggs however you like, however, the joys of a soft egg yolk and well-cooked crispy egg white are well documented. Adding Parmesan adds more depth to the flavor and the mushrooms add to the texture. If you want to increase the decadence, sprinkle some bacon bits on this holiday.

If you like a combination of French cuisine and your favorite breakfast foods, our savory mushroom pancakes are the perfect way to start the day.

There are many ways to spice up breakfast or brunch with family or friends. Take a look at our recipe page, we have some great suggestions for you to try.

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