Snack Attack: great coffee and bagels to grab at Catch Bagel

Snack Attack is your weekly guide to the sometimes tasty, sometimes smelly, sometimes weird cravings to be had in the capital.

My favorite drink to start the day and keep me going through the day is regular coffee. Sometimes an Americano, sometimes poured, but always black with nothing added to spoil it.

And a cup of black coffee goes well with a little snack on the side. Cookies, donuts maybe, but to me, nothing goes better with a coffee than a hot bagel. And my favorite coffee and bagels are from Catch Bagel.

Opened in 2020 in Fangcaodi, this small bagel shop is a friendly alternative to the stylish Parkview Green mall it sits across from. Since opening it has become a breakfast and lunch favorite that also serves delicious sweets like cookies and pound cake.

But we’re here for their bagels and coffee, which are damn good. When it comes to coffee, I always choose the Americano (RMB 25), but for the bagel, I tend to mix it up as there are so many options.

Each day, Catch will feature a Cream Cheese flavor of the day (RMB 36-39), with rotating flavors like Strawberry, Blueberry, and – my personal favorite – Italian Mocha. Their regular cream cheese isn’t too bad either.

As for the bagels themselves, they are on another level. Each one is a bit toasted on the outside and inside making for a nice bite neither too crunchy nor too chewy that I find lacking in a number of other bagel options in the capital. Pair it with that Americano and it’s a heavenly pairing.

Catch also has great bagel sandwiches, with special breakfast sets. My go-to here is Annie’s (RMB 58 for a set with an Americano) which offers hard-boiled eggs with fresh avocado, ground pepper and ham; a simple treat

For a sweet snack, the best option is the Tarzan (39 RMB), a bagel with crunchy peanut butter, bananas and nutella sandwiched between them.

Also, where they are is a pleasant visit to Fangcaodi, not far from the hustle and bustle of the CBD, but a little quiet away from that hustle and bustle – making it the perfect place to enjoy a damn good bagel with some fucking good coffee.

grab a bagel
1 Fangcaodi Beixiang, Chaoyang District

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Images: Vincent R. Vinci

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