Social Sightings: Where to find heart-shaped pizza today and more

Monday mornings are tough, but this series is not. Social Sightings is your quick look at interesting food insights we’ve spotted recently. It’s as easy to drink as your first cup of coffee and should whet your appetite for the week ahead.

In-house family chain Mici Handcrafted Italian was recently named one of the country’s hottest startups by RSQ magazine. But before Mici gets back to his big plans for growth (he has unit deals for over fifty franchises), he’s bringing back a beloved tradition: heart-shaped pizzas. Available from all of its locations, which include five outposts in the Denver area and two in Colorado Springs, any 16-inch pie can be made into a heart upon request only on Valentine’s Day.
Instagram: @micitalian

A man named Scott has become the first guest to “play” in the Solo Diner art installation at Fellow Traveler, a bar that recently opened in Englewood and serves a menu of vegan fare. Ready for your moment in the spotlight? All you have to do is show up, ready to eat and drink alone during the exhibition, in order to be part of this performance art piece.
Instagram: @fellow_traveler_englewood

Click to enlarge URBAN VILLAGE GRILL

Chef Charles Mani’s Urban Village Grill in Park Meadows now lives up to his name, with the launch of outdoor grills meant to give the feel of a backyard barbecue. Meats, seafood and vegetables are served with your choice of Indian marinades. Inside, Mani serves a more traditional menu of Indian specialties.
Instagram: @urbanvillagegrill


Angel Heart/Instagram Project

Project Angel Heart, a non-profit organization that prepares and delivers medically adapted meals, is growing. Thanks to a $580,000 grant from Kaiser Permanente, the organization will now be able to expand its reach to Pueblo, Weld, Boulder and Douglas counties. It aims to provide 620,000 meals to 4,250 people in 2022.

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