Supreme Bagels Featured at Comma Tuckshop in Moorabbin


Is Moorabbin home to Melbourne’s most luxurious bagels? Bannockburn Confit Chicken, Cape Grim Steak, and Salted Ora King Salmon are the menu stars of Comma Tuckshop, a full-fledged sandwich from nearby Comma Food & Wine.

After teasing locals with several pop-ups, owners Adam Cruickshank and Megan Kwee opened Tuckshop as a permanent entity last weekend, bringing a daily dose of gloriously loaded bagels to the neighborhood and ensuring changes to their team during closings.

Chef Matt Woodhouse works at a wine bar and a sandwich bar, using the same vendors for both. This explains the gourmet toppings including salmon cured overnight in coriander seeds, black peppercorns, juniper and chili. It is served with bread and butter pickles (also made on site), red onions, and dill and caper cream cheese.

Cape Grim’s Steak Bagel. Photo: Courtesy of Comma Tuckshop

Six other bagels are available, including the Tofu Satay with Broccolini, but Woodhouse’s favorite is the Hanging Steak, which comes with potato chips topped with smoked scamorza and dill pickle mayonnaise.

“It’s about going a little crazy and having fun with high-end products. In these times, people need a little bit of joy.”

Those who take a bagel-less path can opt for salads such as the cauliflower chermoula and freekeh salad, and the Wonder Pies available starting this weekend. The brownies, caramel slices and cookies are from the bakery in Richmond Penny for Pound and the coffee is from Allpress.

Open daily from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

3 Tuck Street, Moorabbin, @tuckshopbycomma

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