Swedish pizza, Super Bowl specials and a Big Chicken

We mentioned a few weeks ago that stockhome was experimenting with pizzas and of course, added several to their menu, including some interesting combos. The Margherita is no surprise, while the Pizza Bianco certainly caught my eye with its three-cheese blend, with fresh lemon cream and thyme. However, the big eye-catchers are the banana curry pizza and the kebab pizza. So far the reviews have been excellent. The kebab is a no-brainer for me, but not being a fan of bananas, this one will be a bit of an overkill. However, I try to place too many rules on what does or does not “belong” on a pizza. Moreover, when something comes from the creative mind and skillful hands of Chief Robert Sundell, I will never rule out a Stockhome dish until I at least try it. All pizzas come with a Swedish pizza salad.

Big chicken

Imperial IPA fans may have missed Chicken coop Annual Big Chicken Double IPA limited release last year if they blinked. The double dry-hopped powerhouse sold out within hours of its February 2021 release. This year, plan to be there when the cask hits the Petaluma Palace of Barrels and HenHouse’s Santa Rosa on Tuesday, February 8 ( HenHouse taprooms are the only place to find Big Chicken in the box). Poultry Marketing Manager Bob Waegner noted that this year’s Big Chicken stands out for its use of a new experimental tropical yeast that complements the dry-hopped guava and passionfruit profile in this beer.

“Each year, our Big Chicken recipe is based on what we learned about hopped beer the year before,” Waegner said. “In 2021, we learned all about the new aroma-enhancing IPA yeasts and used one of these new yeasts.”

If you can’t make it to the bar, HenHouse has extended its Big Chicken outlet to a number of tap handles in Petaluma, starting Feb. 8, including Ayawaska, the block, Brewers, Billiards Buffalo, Petaluma Golf Center, republic of pubs, Raysand supporter of the first hour, Jamison’s Roaring Donkey.

Audience Award 2022

The 2022 Petaluma People’s Choice Awards nomination round is now open and will run until February 27. It’s your chance to nominate your favorite restaurants (and other businesses and professionals) in a plethora of categories. Those with the highest number of nominations will move on to the “voting round”. As is always my suggestion during nomination rounds, pick your favorite spots out of the way instead of just aiming for the common spots that always make the rounds in the vote. And shocking as it may seem, even in a COVID-19 year, we have nearly a dozen choices for one of the most coveted prizes – the Best “New Restaurant” award.

Super Bowl Sunday Food Specials – Part 3

As promised after their last meteoric sale, the bagel grinder started offering its amazing dog bagels more regularly. We missed out again last week as they sold out within hours, but that was our fault for not directing the warning and ordering as soon as we saw the ad. However, they will be back on the Super Bowl Sunday menu, so keep an eye on their social media pages and if you want them, order immediately after seeing the ad. We have now had their plain, jalapeno and Asiago bagel dogs and all are excellent. I think we’ll be ordering a six-pack for this weekend, to match all the other six-packs that will love our Super Bowl table.

Scout cookies

You’ll see a much more in-depth look at this year’s GSC selection in the next one. David Templeton Wine Pairing Cookies article, but after “sampling” all eight flavors last Friday, including the newest flavor, we thought we’d pass on a few nuggets of news. First, the internet is abuzz about a new flavor, which we tried and enjoyed. They are called Adventurers and are, “Indulgent brownie-inspired cookies with creme caramel and a hint of sea salt. (Last year’s entry from Toast-Yay! The French Toast Cookies don’t seem to have made the cut for 2022, which is unfortunate as they seem quite appealing, but I never got to try them.) Second, this year Girl Scouts returned to in-person sales, so expect to see tables in front of our favorite stores. And if you want to be connected with your neighborhood scout, visit www.ilovecookies.org.

Tiki Bar Action?

There seems to be some old school action Chicken pharmacy location, also the former location of Social Club, Pazzoand Tuttle Drugs. Much of the delay in setting up this location was likely due to the CEO of Patio GroupChicken Pharm’s San Diego-based parent company got in trouble with the SEC for about $300 million in fraud, which sent that location into receivership in federal court, adding additional bureaucracy to any proposed sale. Duke’s Spirit Cocktails out of Healdsburg was the original suite for this space, but then changed their own partnership during COVID-19. The current owner seems to be connected to the Duke people so we might still have a Petaluma tiki bar. We were promised regular updates, but I believe this was from one of the deceased partners, so at this point we’ll just have to wait and watch their social media pages for updates.

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