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The best pizza I have ever eaten was, unsurprisingly, in Rome. I was on a family trip when I was 13, and 15 years later I still clearly remember how perfectly cheesy and delicious this simple Margherita pie was.

But the second the best pizza I’ve ever eaten was, surprisingly, frozen, although I swear you would never know that. As an Italian-American woman from New Jersey, you better believe my pizza standards are sky-high (as are my bagel expectations.) But Talia di Napoli frozen pizza tastes so amazingly good, you would think you are dining al fresco in a small Italian alley with every slice.

Now, before you roll your eyes at a seemingly overdone pizza review, I’m really not exaggerating – I test a lot of food, and these aren’t your average frozen pizzas. They taste like the real thing because they are the real stuff, handmade by real “pizzaiolo,” aka pizza maker, in Naples, Italy, where they’re frozen, vacuum sealed, and delivered to your door.

“We don’t have more than 90 seconds to move the pizza from the oven to the cryogenic freezer,” explains Edouard Freda, co-founder and CEO of the company. “It’s what preserves the pizza and all its flavor…it’s what we consider restaurant quality.”

Like other innovative startups, Talia di Napoli was born in a garage. Freda’s uncle, who had worked in the food business for many years, was determined to figure out how to make, package, and deliver frozen pizza that was *actually* good (not saying standard frozen pizza is bad, but … there is a time and a place). After countless iterations (and many, a lot the raised eyebrows of its Neapolitan neighbours…) the team landed on a patented cryogenic freezing method where the pizzas are frozen (“put to sleep”) as soon as they come out of the oven. This ensures that their flavors and textures are preserved in place, so that when they are “awakened” they are just as good as they were when they were first cooked.

“The way to be totally authentic to the tradition [of Neopolitan pizza] is not just having the technology, but following a rule book,” Fred says. “We decided to make a frozen pizza, we are not going to take the industrial frozen route. Apart from the cryogenic chamber, everything is entirely made by hand.”

There are no kneaders, mixers or pizza dough-throwing robots in Talia di Napoli’s kitchen. Instead, there are about 25 chefs tossing the dough, adding toppings and putting them in the wood stove. Freda says the “rulebook” the brand abides by is an actual thing developed by chefs in the 17th century that outlines the exact acceptable ingredients and the steps needed to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza. This means everything is locally sourced and sustainably sourced with no GMOs, preservatives or other awesome additives.

It also means they are exceptionally delicious. While they don’t top the romaine pie I ate 15 years ago, they do come pretty damn close, transporting me to sunny Italian streets with every bite. All you have to do is unwrap them, pop them in your preheated oven, and bake for the recommended time (usually 9-12 minutes). You won’t be disappointed, I promise. Do you receive guests and want to impress them with a pizza straight from Italy? They would never know these were frozen.

When the sun hits your eyes like a big pizza? It’s more. When is this pizza a Talia di Napoli pizza? It’s even more loving. Explore the flavors below and fill your freezer with a taste of Italy.

Margherita (pack of 8) — $116.00

The pizza that started it all is Margherita pizza, aka the most popular pizza in the world. Turns out it was created to honor Queen Margherita and was designed to look like the Italian flag: red sauce, curd cheese, green basil.

Talia di Napoli’s Margherita tarts stick to the original recipe, made with fresh pomodoro sauce, creamy mozzarella and parmesan, and crunchy basil. Also available in a gluten-free and six-pack version.

Provolina (pack of 8) — $99.00

For fans of the smokier flavors, this one’s for you. It’s baked with a flavorful provola cheese that’s a little bolder than normal mozzarella. Layer on chopped fresh cherry tomatoes and basil sprigs, and *chef’s kiss*. Also available in pack of 6.

Artichoke (pack of 8) — $128.00

Freda says the pizza maker is constantly developing new recipes (which fall under the rules, of course.) This Artichoke Pizza is the brand’s new limited-edition flavor, and it’s delicious. It replaces the red sauce with a creamy white base and topped with hearty artichokes. Personally, it’s my favorite of all. Also available in pack of 6.

Rossa (pack of 8) — $92.00

No cheese? No problem. La Rossa is the brand’s tomato pie, topped with the same tangy pomodoro sauce as the others, but with a lighter crust and no cheese. It’s a great alternative for those who are lactose-free (or want to experiment with their own toppings at home.) Also available in packs of 6.

Tartufina (pack of 8) — $135.00

Or if sauce isn’t your thing, try Tartufina, which mixes in pomodoro for a white pizza topped with porcini mushrooms. Its rich, earthy flavors are enhanced with a blend of grated black truffles to make your taste buds say, “grace. Also available in pack of 6.

talia di napoli pizza

Mozzarella (pack of 8) — $116.00

This savory pie is coated in Italy’s “white gold”, that creamy mozzarella that melts in your mouth. According to the website, it’s designed to be your “canvas,” dressed in whatever your heart desires. Also available in pack of 6.

Four cheeses (pack of 8) — $130.00

You’ve never come across a frozen four cheese pizza like this, I promise. It’s bursting with cheesy flavors including an iconic parmesan/mozzarella blend, gorgonzola, and delicious Swiss Emmental. Yum. Also available in pack of 6.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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