The Benefit: Brothers of Paesan’s Pizza honors late father with NYE tip to waiters


ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – The Scavio brothers, owners of the Paesan’s Pizza chain, reimburse him again. They decided to leave a big tip on New Years Eve to the waiters at Black and Blue in honor of their father who died last month at the age of 90.

“They serve us on vacations where they should be with their families,” said Frank Scavio, owner of Paesan’s Pizza. “So to see that and the way they treat you with big smiles is the least we can do.”

The family behind Paesan’s Pizza wanted to start the year off on the right foot with an act of kindness. At a New Years Eve dinner with the family, the brothers decided to tip the waiter $ 900 and another tip of $ 900 to be divided among the rest of the staff in honor of their father, who was known for his generosity.

Frank said financially it has been a good year for business, but emotionally it has not been easy.

The Scavios lost their family matriarch, Lorenzo Scavio, on December 11, just days after his 90th birthday.

“My father’s biggest thing was family. We all live together on the same block, ”Frank said. “He had a saying: ‘three can go further than one’. So we are three brothers who have stayed together, and now we want to instill that in our children. “

Lorenzo gave the brothers the nest egg to start Paesan’s first pizzeria. So, with Lorenzo’s generous spirit in mind, Frank said he dreams of the $ 1,800 tip inspiring others to give back, especially at a time when restaurant workers are running out of steam.

“I hope on a larger scale that we like each other. We need each other to get through this pandemic, ”Frank said. “I had to close my store yesterday because we had COVID; we had issues with the staff. So yeah, hopefully people will see this, and if you donate the extra money it makes a difference.

Paesan’s Pizza has found different ways to pay up front since it received a great review from famous Youtuber Dave Portnoy, who helped grow his online frozen pizza business.

Over the past year, they sent overseas donations to troops in Afghanistan, donated $ 10,000 to the Barstool Fund to support struggling small businesses, and left another generous tip.
to a local server at the Lake George Beach Club.

“My message to the community? If we can stick together, we can beat everything, even this pandemic, ”Frank said. “But we have to stay together.”


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