The best recipe for puffed Swedish pancakes

Last month, I wrote about “I Cooked It!”, a little spiral-bound children’s cookbook compiled by the Newman Parents Association in 1975 and sold throughout New Orleans as a fundraiser. I started cooking in self-defense when I was six, and my best friend’s mother gave me a copy of the book that became a vital comfort to me throughout my difficult and lonely childhood. I kept making each recipe in this book multiple times, then made it again with my own daughter. Although held in place by a rubber band, it is still a prized possession.

A few days after this story was published, I received a letter from Genie McCloskey, a Newman School graduate (1965) and long-time employee who is currently the school’s archivist.

“My husband and I graduated from Newman, as did our three children,” she wrote. “My husband, Edward, noticed your blog about the 1975 Newman Parents Association cookbook. He printed it for me because he knew of my passion for all things Newman and my association with a suite of this little book in 1988. I am grateful that the little book produced by Newman’s parents has been a valuable resource and method of escape for you from your difficult circumstances. Our first son was at Newman Lower School when this little book debuted. I still have my copy at home. I also have a copy here in the Newman archives.

“During the 1987-88 school year, I was one of three cookbook presidents. Each of us had separate tasks. My co-chairs organized the submissions/recipe tests and the promotions/sales respectively. I oversaw the organization of the chosen recipes, the illustrations and the editing. We decided to call the book I cooked it… Also! Tish McCarthy, a former relative of Newman, had done the illustrations for the 1975 cookbook. Fortunately, she agreed to provide the front and back cover illustrations as well as illustrations for the featured recipes. I also did illustrations for the book.

A few days later, this kind and generous lady showed up at my door with a copy of “I Cooked It…Too!”, publicity scans of the book’s publication in 1988, and a thin tea towel distributed with the book.

It’s one of the most moving gifts I’ve ever received, and Genie McCloskey went to such lengths to deliver it.

If you think your words don’t matter, if you feel you have no impact, think you might be wrong.

Thank you Genius McCloskey!

Caladium for sale at Pelican Green House

Gardening is as much a thing to me as cooking and my dogs. City Park’s Pelican Green House plant sales are stocked with thrifty prices, the native plants best suited to our climate. There’s a sale this Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon with hundreds of plants available. The price is as follows:

Price (taxes included):
4″ Saucepan – $3
Full 4″ tray (18 pieces) – $45
4″ or small clay succulent – $4
Pack of 6 – $6
1 pint – $6
1 gallon – $10
3 gallon – $25
Roses – $25
Larger pots, hanging baskets and specialty items will be priced individually – look for the red tag. Bring a garden cart if you have one.

That’s all from me. Tensions are high at the moment. Be kind.

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