The Best SRQ Bagels – Daily SRQ Apr 7, 2022


The Best of SRQ Local competition was bigger than ever this year. With so many amazing categories and businesses participating, the Best Local Bagel category somehow managed to elude us as we went to press. However, out of sight in the magazine does not mean out of mind for SRQ readers. Today we are happy to publish the results of the best bagels. Drum roll please…..

Whoever invented breakfast food had a thing for circles – pancakes, donuts, sausage patties, English muffins. The form reigns supreme and perhaps the most popular is the bagel. Synonymous with New York City as much as the early morning, bagels are the perfect choice for your own culinary adventure trip. Between the seemingly endless bagel flavors – sesame, everything, cinnamon raisins, pumpernickel and the multitude of cream cheese and topping choices, the possibilities are endless. wire mesh their way to the top this year is the Platinum winner Brooklyn Bagels and Deli. In second place, smoked salmon no further than gold winner 99 Bottles Taproom & Bottle Shop. And, round the competition is Silver sensation Lox’n Egg Bread Company.

Emily Govaars, (on Brooklyn Bagels & Deli): Their bacon and cheese egg bagel is to die for and always a quick hearty breakfast on the way to work! Their customer service feels like home, as does the food. So glad they’re in business!

Sarah Seay, (on 99 Bottles Taproom & Bottle Shop): The best bagels in town. So many options on how to prepare them. With a great selection of drinks!

Werner Gundersheimer, (on Lox ‘n Egg Bread Company): The bagels are extremely fresh, not too mushy, with consistent quality across the line; Bialys are even better.

We will feature this category as part of the Best of SRQ Local Showcase in the July/August 2022 issue of the magazine. And it’s the hole truth.

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