The best TikTok food trends of 2021, from pancakes to pasta chips

2021 has been a year spent mostly indoors, waiting for the vaccines to arrive – and for the coronavirus to go away.

It was a year in which, with little else to do; we scrolled endlessly through our phones, watched memes to pass the time, and – thanks to TikTok – learned to cook.

Yes, over the past 12 months a number of TikTok recipes have gone viral, sparking remakes and reviews galore, with supermarkets even running out of key ingredients, such was people’s enthusiasm for the kitchen.

There are lots of choices, sweet and savory, simple and complex, but here are eight that we found particularly delicious.

Pasta chips

The pasta is already great and arguably impossible to improve upon, but someone managed to make it even more mouthwatering by putting olive oil, cheese and spices on boiled pasta and then frying it for make crispy chips.

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Who could say no?

Gigi Hadid’s spicy vodka pasta

Hadid’s recipe is essentially penne alla vodka – a well-established Italian sauce – but when she posted an Instagram story of herself having made it last year, she continued to circulate TikTok throughout. long 2021.

The creamy, high-alcohol tomato sauce is heartwarming and easy to prepare, so we’re not surprised it’s taken the world by storm.

Baked feta pasta

In another pasta trend this year, people baked tomatoes with feta and mixed it all with pasta (and seasonings) to create a creamy tomato sauce.

After the recipe went viral in Finland, supermarkets lacked feta cheese for a short while, and people from other countries complained on social media that they were having trouble finding the ingredients when the cheese dish rose to worldwide fame.

Never underestimate the power of the Internet.

Salmon Rice Bowl

Switching to pasta, the internet sought solace in another carbohydrate – rice – in September, when they fell in love with Emily Mariko’s Salmon Rice Bowl.

The TikTok sweetie shared her recipe – rice, salmon, kimchi, avocado, mayonnaise and sriracha, soy sauce and seaweed – and people immediately rushed to make theirs.

This indy100 staff can confirm that the hype they’ve got is well deserved. Yum yum.

Squid Game dalgona candy

After Netflix’s original Squid game became a huge hit this year, it wasn’t just the tense plot that stuck with people, but one of the deadly challenges – one in which players had to cut out a small shape. of a sweet candy with a needle without breaking it.

If they broke it, they were shot.

So, making the show more interactive than its creators intended, people made the candy themselves just like at home and determined if they would survive the games.

Tortilla wrap hack

Wraps are delicious, but they can be tricky to fill and seal without doing a big mess. Until that TikTok hack where people grab the wrap, cut it halfway up, then put a different trim on each quarter and fold it up.

Good product.

Cereal pancakes

Cereal is fine, but pancakes look better, so it’s no surprise that videos of people making tiny circles out of pancake batter and then eating them from a bowl full of milk are going viral.

Seems to take a long time and could lead to repetitive strain injuries, but maybe it’s worth it?

Eggs with pesto

Recently, people have lost their minds over pesto eggs, in which an egg is not fried in oil or butter, but in pesto.

The oil in the pesto keeps the eggs from sticking to the pan and also makes it taste great, so it’s a complete win-win.

It’s time to buy an apron and start cooking.

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