The creators of Bagel Balls just launched a pancake to go


If you’ve ever looked at a pancake covered in syrup and thought, I wish you were more portable, you are not alone – and you are in luck. The geniuses behind Cream Cheese Stuffed Bantam Bagels just turned sticky flapjacks into something to go with the launch of their Pancake Balls, or Bantam Pancakes as they call them.

BUY NOW: Bantam Pancakes, $ 34 for 3 dozen;

Courtesy of Bantam

Like their bagel counterpart, pancakes sit somewhere between a golf ball and a baseball, and when you bite into them, they ooze maple syrup. Bantam founders Nick and Elyse Oleksak were inspired to create them for the same reason they created bagel balls: free and easy fun, ”they said in a press release.

Oleksak’s Manhattan store has been open selling bagel balls since 2013, and since then Bantam’s has sold out on QVC and been named one of Oprah’s favorite things. A passage on Shark aquarium – and a subsequent investment from Lori Grenier – even helped them strike a deal with Starbucks, landing their product in stores nationwide.


Courtesy of Bantam

Right now, the new pancakes are sold on Bantam’s website and at their Bleecker Street outpost, but in October you can find them in the freezer section of some grocery stores across the country. The six starter flavors strike a good balance between classic and indulgent: the house varieties, chocolate chip, banana praline and apple cinnamon are all stuffed with buttered maple cream, while the strawberry shortcake and blueberry balls are filled with fresh lemon cream.

At 100 calories per pop, we’re giving you permission to go crazy with a pack.

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