The dish: Hidden bagels, the Supper Club, dumplings + dim sum, Elixir Sauce, Kismet and Remedy


Shhh… it’s a secret. The Dish is Spokane’s new whisper of events in the Inland Northwest food and beverage scene. Ever wanted to overhear a business owner’s plan for a new restaurant? Collect secret menu items directly from chefs? Now those secrets spilled over a beer are making headlines to read!

Hidden bagels

It was recently announced that Spokane’s Scoop’s Jennifer Davis is working on a new South Hill project that will feature daily handmade bagels in the morning and bagel sandwiches in the afternoon. Davis told me a few months ago that it has been a passion project for her for years.

The beachside bagel store she visited as a child in Pacific Grove, Calif. Was the first memory she had of falling in love with food. I saw some of the early art concepts, and I’m telling you right now, this is going to fill a gap that we miss in our baking scene.

The Club Supper

People always ask me about my favorite places or my hidden gems. One of the latest is Martha Domitrovich’s Supper Club. Open in mid-COVID-19, its small commercial kitchen is tucked away in a corner of Northwest Boulevard.

Domitrovich specializes in homemade dishes that can be frozen to make dinner like a chore. Lasagna, family pies, hearty soups and breakfast sandwiches are available. Everything is fresh, super affordable, and can be delivered to your door every Wednesday.


Dumplings and dim sum

Talk to any foodie, and they’ll tell you that Spokane’s biggest missing link in the food scene is dumplings and dim sum. I recently spoke with business owners looking to grow their brand and have big plans for a new downtown space that will focus on a new age dumpling house.

Don’t think of Din Tai Fung, however. It’s more in the style of Dumpling Zone, a fun American crossover that will celebrate a great beer / cocktail program and deliver the bite-sized steamed delicacies everyone wants. I can’t say more – I swear to keep a secret – but stay tuned.

Elixir Sauce Co.

Growing up in the Spokane Valley, one of my best friend families has always been obsessed with growing peppers. As he got older he went from peppers and jalapenos to habaneros, scorpions and ghosts. Making hot sauces was just a hobby. Over the past year, the family has started taking action to publicize their underground recipes through Elixir Sauce Co.

It means distribute to restaurants and grocery stores. If you like hot sauce, this is the first major brand I’ve seen locally create a strong heat. Keep it sweet with jalapeño garlic, while the smoky ghost will have you running for water. Find Elixir sauce at local restaurants and order them for the house where no one will see you cry.


Kismet to Hillyard

COVID-19 really took its course in 2020. As nearly everyone reset themselves, two of the oldest powers in the Spokane industry decided to make their dream come true with the future Kismet in the Hillyard Antique District.

Dan Gonzalez of Adam Hegsted’s Eat Good Group and Monica York, who served as head bartender at Elliott’s Urban Kitchen and previously at Park Inn, are working on an August opening. Foregrounds include a fun rotating menu, a friendly neighborhood bar atmosphere, and a few fun touches that Spokane has never seen before.

Remix at Remedy

The Goodwin group has plenty of places to grab a bite and drink (Backyard Public House, Barnwood Social, Brick West Brewing, Press), but their finest concept is Remedy on the South Hill. After COVID-19, there have been big changes. A few months ago, they hired Chef Rory Allen (Durkin’s Liquor Bar, Wandering Table), who revised the menu.

Then after COVID-19, Matt Goodwin and his team brought in new CEO Bethany Meyer, who helped Hegsted open Incrediburger & Eggs and bring talent to the kitchen and dining area. With a new crew, great food and drink, and one of Spokane’s few rooftop terraces, South Hill just might have the cure for all that sunshine.


Kris Kilduff can be contacted at kris.kilduff5[email protected]

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