‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Pancake Mix Dessert pancakes make mornings easier

If you’re looking for something new to eat for breakfast, The Pioneer Woman has some recipe ideas for you. Ree Drummond showed home cooks how to make pancake pancakes. Here’s how to prepare this dish.

Ree Drummond’s Pancake Mix

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As you probably guessed, Drummond pancakes are made with pancake mix. She says she doesn’t usually make pancakes this way, but it’s an easy alternative if she’s in a hurry or runs out of ingredients.

Drummond begins by adding the pancake mix and sugar to a bowl. For wet ingredients, she uses milk, eggs and vanilla. Drummond then mixes the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients. She says she basically makes pancakes but it’s a thinner batter.

For the next step, Drummond brushes the melted butter into a nonstick skillet. She does this to make sure the pancakes don’t stick. Next, Drummond adds ¼ cup of batter to the skillet. She makes sure to tilt the pan and move the dough. She cooks the mixture for two minutes on one side, then turns it over and cooks it for a minute on the other side.


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Drummond likes to use pancake mix because it’s faster than using pancake batter. “Real pancake batter can be a bit tricky and it takes a bit of time because you have to chill it in the fridge and let it sit,” Drummond says on The Pioneer Woman show. “It’s such instant gratification.”

Drummond says you can fill the pancakes with whatever you want. She prefers whipped cream cheese with mixed berry jam. Drummond folds the pancake twice so that it forms a corner. For the finishing touch, Drummond adds chocolate syrup, mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries and strawberries) and whipped cream.

Ree Drummond Mason Jar Pancakes

Another pancake recipe Drummond likes to make is his famous Mason Jar Pancakes. She says this recipe is a great solution for busy mornings. Her trick is to prepare the pancake mix in advance and place it in the jars. When it’s time to make the pancakes, all she has to do is add water and vanilla.

The 1 breakfast Ree Drummond doesn’t want to eat

Drummond enjoys a hearty breakfast just as much as the next person, but there’s one dish she won’t eat in the morning. The Accidental Country Girl once revealed that she’s not a fan of chocolate chip pancakes.

Drummond even posted this Twitter message to his followers expressing his feelings about chocolate chip pancakes. “I don’t like chocolate chip pancakes,” she admits.

Drummond posted another message about his aversion to chocolate chips in pancakes. “I love pancakes, but I love waffles even more. Unless they have chocolate chips in them. The Food Network star explained why she doesn’t like chocolate chips in her pancakes.

“The light bitterness of the semi-sweet chocolate distracts from the already perfect harmony that has been achieved between the fluffy, golden pancakes, the silky salted butter and the warm, sweet syrup. Plus, the chocolate chip pancakes are totally crunchy to the max,” says Drummond.

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