The ten best pizzerias in MA according to Dave Portnoy of Barstool

By now everyone should be familiar with “Barstool Sports”, and their former CEO and now Chief Content Officer, Dave Portnoy. If you follow “El Prez” (Portnoy) on social media, you may have seen him doing his famous “One Bite” pizza reviews across the country.

Located on Eastern Ave. in Lynn, it was the only “10” from Portnoy. Now this was a first review (in 2015) so I’m not sure if that 10 rating would still hold up, but for now it still holds.

Located on Boylston St. in Chestnut Hill, Portnoy’s review was 9.4.

Located in Nantucket, Portnoy’s rating was 9.3.

Located on Causeway St. in Boston, Davey Pageviews’ review was a 9.2

Located on Pond St. in Braintree, Portnoy gave this location a 9.2

Located on Thatcher St. in Boston (also a Saugus location), Portnoy gives it a 9.1

Located in Stoughton, El Prez rates this seal at 9.0

Located on Beacon St. in Brighton, Davey rates this seal at 8.8

Located on W. Creek Road. In Nantucket, El Prez likes this area and gives it a rating of 8.6

Located on Main St. in Brockton, Portnoy rates this at 8.5

How many of these exceptional pizzerias have you been too?

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