These are the 19 best pizzerias in New York

Artichoke Basille’s is nothing but division. There are always really long lines to get their hands on one of the mini chain’s huge cream and artichoke slices, but for some, like Paulie Gee from at Paulie Gee pizzeria in Greenpoint, charred crust veers into fully scorched territory, while Eat serious‘Adam Kuban claims the texture of the slice is off: too crisp to be folded and soggy in the middle. The artichoke slice is the namesake of this place for a reason, with a thick crust topped with butter, cream and, some say, not enough artichoke.

Critic J. Kenji López-Alt writes, in effect, that the ultra-heavy slice should not be bent – it is just too heavy and the thin crust breaks. But he likes the balanced sauce, the rich cheese and the toppings.

“I can easily see how a New Yorker could look down on this installment,” he wrote. “And that’s because it’s not a slice of New York. However, I personally find it quite delicious. I’ve taken pizza walks with non-New Yorkers (so they don’t have a fond of New York pizza), more than one who said the Artichoke Margherita was the best they had tasted. ” And if it wasn’t “New York-style pizza”, good pizza is good pizza.

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