“Tonight Show” host chooses the best pizzas and bagels in New York


Tuesday night, Jimmy fallon threw the first ceremonial throw at a New York Yankees game in the Bronx.

“I was a cross between 50 cents and Dr Fauci“Fallon said, recalling their memorable first throws.” If the bar is set there, then I’ve done pretty well. The receiver caught the ball and it didn’t touch the ground, but (former Yankees pitcher) Mariano Rivera came to me as the pitching coach, so I just added a little more pressure there. “

Fallon’s maiden trip to the Launcher’s Mound was captured for a special episode of his NBC late-night show airing Thursday (11:35 a.m. EDT / PDT). “The Tonight Show: Five Boroughs Edition” is the Brooklyn native’s way of paying tribute to New York City, which was one of the cities hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic early last year. Now that it’s almost fully reopened (with mask and vaccination warrants), Fallon wanted to celebrate the rich culture of the Big Apple by spotlighting the five boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queen, the Bronx and Staten Island – on his show.

“It’s back and there is so much to see in this town,” says Fallon. “I love her so much, it’s in my blood, and all I can do to give back and say thank you to the place that made me who I am, why not?”

Highlights include a trip to Coney Island with the “Tonight Show” group The Roots, as well as a street art tutorial from graffiti artist Lady Pink in Astoria. The Killers end the episode with a rooftop performance at 30 Rock, but not before Fallon and Michael Strahan surprise guests by posing as wax figures at Madame Tussauds.

“I make a pretty good model,” Fallon jokes. “You have to sit really still and not breathe, because our Adam’s apples would betray him. We got caught several times.”

In honor of the New York-centric episode, Fallon, 47, shares some of his favorite spots in the city with USA TODAY.

Thursday Jimmy Fallon walks away from

Best bagel

H&H Bagels was the one I used to bring Tina Fey and Mike Schur on on Saturday mornings (while I was working on ‘Saturday Night Live’). I always came with a bag of bagels and we would read one last “weekend update” together while eating bagels. So now I’m going between that and Ess-a-Bagel. ”

Best Cocktail

Fallon and his wife, producer Nancy Juvonen, are parents of two young children (Winnie Rose, 8 and Frances Cole, 6), which can make date nights difficult. “But we loved a place called Raines Law Room. It’s like a sweatshop, and they also have a twin bar called Dear Irving, which is really cool. ”

Best ice cream

Morgenstern is brilliant. I was with (founder Nicholas Morgenstern) at a Willie Nelson concert once and he was talking to Willie about making some kind of weed ice cream. It has the boldest flavors and it’s fresh, and you say, “Oh, I never thought ice cream could taste this good. »I like it and I like it too Shake Shack frozen ice cream. ”

The storefront of Ess-a-Bagel in New York.

Best movie theater

“My favorite is the Parisian theater. I just feel very New York when I go there, and it might be the last theater (in town) that has a balcony. They usually screen a movie that should be on everyone’s watchlist, whether it’s a foreign movie or something. I just remember always having a good experience and good popcorn. ”

Best pizza

In Thursday’s episode, “I went to this place called Joe & Pat’s Pizzeria in Staten Island and apparently it’s like the best pizza in town. It was phenomenal. There are so many better pizzas in New York City – they probably have five of the best pizzerias in the country. But I’m a sucker for Joe’s Pizza. Joe & Pat’s is a thinner crust, but Joe’s in Manhattan is a softer crust in New York City. I’m not a geek, but I know when it’s good and when it’s bad, and this place is really good. “

Best public bathroom

“It’s a restaurant but I guess it’s public: I love the toilets at Yakiniku Futago. It is a Japanese barbecue place. You go to the bathroom there and I’m like, ‘You don’t see this normally.’ It’s clean and everyone can have their own dental floss and mouthwash. You can’t ask for more, so this one surprised me. Marriott Marquis Hotel New York the lobby bathrooms are also handy if you’re stuck in Times Square: “I’ve been to that one before between (Broadway) shows.”

The dining room at Eleven Madison Park in New York.

Best restaurant to have fun

“You can’t beat Eleven Madison Park. It’s a business once every five years. (Chef Daniel Humm) changed the menu to be completely vegan and it’s amazing what he does. You almost pay for the experience as well as for the food, but everything is perfect. It’s like a magic trick. I also like Gramercy Tavern for another night, this is a great place. It is perhaps the only restaurant in town with a working fireplace where you can smell a log fire. It’s so comfortable, it’s the perfect time of year to go. ”

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