Treat yourself to burger and pizza specialties at Misfits Payday Party tonight

Misfits in Cape Town is celebrating payday today, May 27th, with special pizzas and burgers and they invite you to join in the fun!

Misfits is a bistro and bar in De Waterkant that offers good vibes, seasonal meals, delicious and carefully selected drinks and fun things to do like the Inverroche Gin Academy and Cartel Golf Indoor Simulator. So for people who are lucky enough to have received their hard-earned moola this week, this is a great place to celebrate.

The Payday Party kicked off at 2 p.m. and will last late into the night.

To help payday stretch a little further, Misfits will be offering specialty burgers and pizzas along with free live entertainment to get you started. The entertainment will be brought to you by Fay Lamour on piano, DJ Dani on rhythms, Kirya Kuti on saxophone and Dorette Roos on electric chello.

Join @fay.lamour for a glass of whatever your heart desires. Photo: @misfits.ct/Instagram

The burger and pizza specialties are great, no doubt, but Misfits also has a full menu you can celebrate with.

The menus :

Breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m.; if you’re brave enough to brave the cold, try one of their smoothie bowls, or enjoy pancakes, French toast or a bagel if you’re craving something warm and comforting. They also offer the classics, like their Classic three-egg omelette, Full English Where Eggs Benedict.

On your lunch date, try the Poke Bowl or the Rainbow Falafel Wrap; for dinner, let yourself be tempted by the great classics: burgers or pizzas. The Unsuitable burger with beef patty, bacon jam and ripe cheddar seems like the best option for a Friday night, and the Prosciutto and mushrooms pizza will always be a must! They also offer all the essential sushi options in their separate sushi menu.

Finish your meal with one of their delicious desserts: the classic Creme bruleethe delicious Chocolate pie and simple but satisfying Ice cream and chocolate sauce are all the perfect ways to wrap up a delicious dining experience.

And finally, whether you are a red or white wine drinker, prefer craft beer over draft beer, or are more of a whiskey or brandy lover, their drinks menu has it all. They also have an extensive selection of cocktails if you feel like indulging.

Photo: @misfits.ct/Instagram

The Payday Party is not only a party occasion, but also the perfect start to the weekend. Leave the stresses of the week at home, gather a healthy appetite for food and good vibes, and head to Misfits tonight for a night of fun.


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