Tried the original Pancake House in Upper Arlington and it was a complete game changer

It’s hard not to love breakfast foods. It gives you everything you want, an irresponsible amount of sugar first thing in the morning and enough flavorful red meat to make your arteries sing a heartfelt but lively cover of Queen’s Under Pressure (hah, sincere, I’m funny). Well, The Original Pancake House in Upper Arlington is going to make it even harder not to love the best meal of the day.

How do these flapjacks “stack”? (I am murder Today). Well, in one word: OHMYGAWDINCREDIBLE. I opted to go a bit all-out and got myself something a bit fancy. Glancing at the menu, a name jumped out at me. The “Dutch Baby” is advertised as “baked, served with fresh lemon, whipped butter and powdered sugar”, but they really had me in a “food coma”.

Even with that description, I didn’t really know what to expect, but my jaw dropped when they released the thing.

A huge cake-like batter with a thin crispy crust that towered over the sides, a light, puffy bottom layer in the middle was a batter-like sauce that the waiter helped me mix.

She first poured the whipped butter on it which immediately melted on contact with the cake. Second, she had me squeeze the fresh lemon on top, mixing and swirling with the golden melted butter. And finally, as a piece of resistance, she picked up a pile of powdered sugar. All mixed and fused to form a thick, lemony and syrupy paste.

To describe how amazing the whole thing tasted would be an impossible feat and a task no sane person would ever undertake:

It tasted like candy-coated sunshine, fueled 100% by pure happiness and children’s laughter. All topped off with a real rainbow, expert advice from Morgan Freeman and maybe even a hint of nutmeg. You’re welcome Columbus.

The French toast wasn’t too shabby either. They were fluffy but dense with whipped eggs. And the bacon was cut into thick slices, just crisp enough to leave some chewiness in the texture. All in all, The Original Pancake House is a must-have addition to the Columbus breakfast scene and enough to give any coffee brunch or dinner party a run for their money. Trust me, you’re going to love this place a “waffle” lot (HAH).

* Disclaimer: Columbus Navigator is not responsible for any of Zoey’s horrible dad jokes and he should be ashamed. For more information on Savory Pancakes, click here.

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