Try this the next time you make pizza at home


So I saw a pizza hack the other day and thought I would give it a try. I call him Heggie’s Pizza Challenge. Heggie Pizza de Milaca said, the next time you bake pizza at home, try cutting it when frozen, before baking it. Why? Because it will give you that delicious crispy brown color on all edges of each pizza piece, not just the pizza slices on the outer edges.

So I thought I would give it a try. I bought a Heggie’s Double Cheese Pizza to try at home. I started the first cut. I didn’t think a pizza cutter would work, but it probably would have been better than a knife. (Unless YOU actually keep sharp knives in your home.)

Let the cut begin.

So it was a bit difficult to cut the pizza so I did it with care. I spread the pieces out on a cookie sheet. (Of course, maybe I shouldn’t have used THIS kind of cookie sheet, because it’s supposed to keep the cookies from getting too brown. Leave it to me).

Here is the result. It was crispier around the edges, and it was nice not having to cut a hot pizza.

Let’s move on to Pizza Hack test number 2. Pete and I are making pizza for Heggie’s breakfast this morning. I was a little challenged in the morning.

Today we decided to see if it makes a difference if you bake it in a pizza oven. I remembered to preheat the pizza oven, but forgot I was making a pizza hack, so I threw in the cardboard circle and placed the pizza in the oven; so realized, I hadn’t cut it yet. So I created a bit of a mess.

Yeah … It’s my mess. I had to find a way to cut this pizza and put it back in the pizza oven. I have found a pizza cutter, which works MUCH better than a knife. On that breakfast pizza, I ended up losing a lot of toppings on the counter.

The cut was faster this way, but I found that a spaced frozen pizza doesn’t fit very well in a pizza oven. I made it work.

Now that the pizza is on the grill, I throw the pizza in the pizza oven, clean up my mess, and wait 14 minutes.

Here is the result of the pizza oven. Much much better. Every piece was toasted and delicious. You can see this Heggie’s did it by going to their Facebook page by clicking here.

Overall, I think the hack may be too much of a hassle for me if I’m in a rush to throw pizza in the oven. Nevertheless; if you absolutely love those outside crispy chunks then this really works. Enjoy your pizza and thank Heggie’s for the tip.

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