Twitter reacts with passion to newest Tim Hortons pizza menu items

It’s not something we really expected to see, but Tim Hortons pizza officially exists now.

Last week we saw some amazing new menu items launched at the first Tim Hortons in India, and now Canada has the chance to try new items.

Tim Hortons confirmed to Dished that it’s “early days,” but a group of establishments across Canada are testing the flatbread pizza market.

“Cheese on hold…but if customers want to get in on the action, they can visit any of the 20 GTA test restaurants,” a Tim Hortons rep told us.

The iconic Canadian chain started with three pizza options as a market test: pepperoni, chicken parmesan and simply cheese.

So, it may only be in the Toronto area at the moment, but people everywhere have heard about it and have lots of opinions on the new flatbread offerings.

Reactions on Twitter were filled with excitement, surprise, disappointment and hilarity at new menu items that may or may not become a staple in other outposts across Canada and around the world.

These are just some of the best reactions, responses and tweets that have resulted from the discovery of Tim Hortons pizza.

Oh my God…they just have to stop! one user tweeted. “This is awful. Please do #TimHortons stop doing these horrible things.

“tim hortons pizza?? they have an identity crisis fr.”

Tim Horton pizza It sounds like a cursed thought, but now it’s real and we all have to live with the consequences.


every other day Tim hortons has a midlife crisis because why are you selling pizza“, posted a Twitter user @HXRLEFR_V10.

“So Tim Hortons can serve pizza but they can’t bring back chocolate danish?”” wrote Aisha Yusuf.

“Tim Hortons will make pizza before bringing back the nut crunch”, posted another. “It is not fair.”

So much Tim hortons brought pizza but will not bring back the old eggs, the original Tim honey mustard club sandwich, nutella donuts or cinnamon maple bagels… k.”

Everyone: Please make some decent coffee and donuts again. @TimHortons: the best we can do is pizzapleaded another user.

Tim hortons presentation pizza is the worst decision they can make” posted @arneerny.

For many people, there seems to be serious anticipation to try out the new menu options as well.

“I’m so excited to try the pizza at Tim Hortons,” @farahkhishqa tweeted.

“Why does Tim Hortons pizza look great?“, posted another.

Whether you’re super excited to try it or extremely disappointed that it even exists, it’s clear that people will have strong opinions about this new pizza for quite a while, at least until it’s available everywhere. (or disappear).

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