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CONSHOHOCKEN >> ‘Our Daily Bagel’ will live up to the occasion by opening its boutique in mid-January 2022.

It’s time to munch on your edible halos!

Two former teachers will bring awesome bagels and FUNtastic shenanigans to Conshohocken.

There was no bagel shoppe, and the former BYOB Fayette Street Grille, after battling the pandemic when a restaurant had only left, presenting a perfect location.

The students of the Villa Joseph Marie prep are nicknamed JEMS.

Entrepreneurs Marielle Bermingham Link, VJM 2003 / Fairfield University and Alysa Quinn Wylie Yakeley will be serving CLASSY selections from their bagel mecca – not “just bagels” as menu choices will highlight solid and delicious sandwiches for the little one. – lunch which may include bacon, eggs, cheese, pork roll or sausage. One of their plans is to introduce one of their own concoctions, brie with green apples, cherry relish and bacon-laden bagels, along with a variety of baked goods and fresh muffins. .

An eclectic assortment of mouthwatering cream cheeses will be offered.

Try the pastrami lox schmeared on your grilled discs with carby happiness!

The word bagel would come either from the Yiddish beygel, which means bracelet, or buegel which means stirrup in German. This latter, oft-repeated theory holds that in the 17th century a Jewish baker made the first bagel to commemorate Polish King Jan III Sobieski’s Battle of Vienna victory over the Turks in 1683. The Roller Stirrup Ring about the size of a hand the shape honored the sovereign’s equestrian obsession.

It has since defined breakfast for Americans for centuries.

No fight!

Bagels should be found in the dictionary under delicious, [“An American Dictionary of the English Language” has sold more copies than any English book except the Bible], but according to Noah Webster [1758 1843] (who most likely liked hers with thick dough), a bagel is “a hard bun made of yeast dough twisted into a small donut shape, baked in simmering water, then baked in the oven.”

New York-style bagel dough has traditionally been made from flour, water, baking yeast, salt, and malt syrup, but boiling is what makes a bagel more than just a roll. with a hole!

Once the rings are lifted, they are briefly submerged in a kettle of boiling water and it is this step that produces the characteristic dense, chewy and pasty interior texture. It also prevents the crust from getting too crisp when future bagels are then baked at 425 degrees for about half an hour.

Once relegated as a bland breakfast food with the addition of lox and cream cheese, there are now more bagel flavors than you can imagine. The bagel has also climbed the culinary ladder beyond breakfast to become real meals and become a popular staple for sandwiches.

Lack of time ? A traditional bagel can take a long time to taste!

You can easily take a morning bagel to a whole new level with a mouthwatering spread.

As the new owners have confessed to being unaware of the obscure knowledge one must be equipped with to produce a spectacular bagel, and not being adept at the sacred alchemy of bagel creation, they plan to achieve the pinnacle of the “bagelity” by serving the authentic and incredible Kismet bagels.

Kismet Bagels at Our Daily Bagel.

A bagel, you see, isn’t meant to be a muffin gone awry with illusions of donuthood.

“This ‘Our Daily Bagel’ adventure will be a significant change from what I’m used to doing,” confirmed Marielle. But this former Villa Joseph Marie / St. Religion teacher Joseph Prep has always been committed to helping others, so teaming up with the Kismet Bagels company was perfectly in line.

The name, kismet, [kĭz′mĕt] means fate; destiny.

Kismet Bagels was founded quite by accident! In the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jacob and Alexandra Cohen’s sales and entertainment jobs were put on hold. To pass the time and find a sense of comfort in the midst of the uncertainty of their forties, they started baking bread every morning. They started making / selling bagels to their neighbors and donating the proceeds to Project Home, a local organization helping homeless people in Philadelphia. To date, a portion of every sale goes to charities and community causes.

When every customer takes a first bite of their very first Kismet Bagel, everyone will know that the future of “The Daily Bagel” is bright. Bagels are a delicious dish anytime, but especially in the morning, and these bagels made in Philadelphia can really compete with New York standards.

Co-owners / operators, Marielle and Alysa, who taught at Norristown High School, originally “met because of our daughters”, Marielle’s Hope Bernadette [6 ½] and Kendall Paige [8 ½], and Alysa’s daughter, Fallon are friends.

They are currently ambitiously renovating their own brick and mortar storefront at 308 Fayette Street, using benches from the renovated St. Miriam Parish in Flourtown for some of the seating inside, and are working on establishing some accounts. company in the region.

“We will partner with local suppliers, purchase exceptional meat and dairy products from local farms, and highlight local bakers,” Marielle confirmed.

Their coffee and loose tea will be sourced from Philadelphia Rival Bros. Roasters for the best possible consumption experience.

“We will also have bags of their home roasted beans for sale. “

There are no professional bakers in the Bermingham family.

Marielle’s twin sister, Rachel Bermingham Bretschneider, VJM 2003 / Fairfield University, is a CPA at Oink INC Radio Commercial Creative and Production, although their younger sister, Joanna, VJM 2009 / Drexel University, [specifically water] the engineer bakes incredibly fantastic birthday cakes.

“Honestly, if I could live four years of my life, I would go to high school. I loved VJM and fell in love with my future profession in my second year religion class taught by Ms. Bernadette Boedewig. I also loved the winter track and running the 60m because it was short and quickly over, and really, I was going out with my friends anyway on a Friday night!

Bernadette Boedewig, retired professor of theology at VJM, said: “Marielle has always been one of the sweetest and most charming young women I have ever met. Knowing her, I am sure that she will invest in everything, as she always has. I am sure she will succeed. She was always interested in helping others!

Marielle and Alysa’s recipe for success is simple: providing great food with loving care that will keep their clients / future friends coming back time after time. There is absolutely nothing better!

So come in! Order, sit, eat and hang out, or use their delivery apps for individual orders.

Custom bagel orders are welcome and “Our Daily Bagel” mugs and t-shirts will be available.

Marielle and Alysa hope to see you mid to late January… “The goal is Wednesday 19th!

Our Daily Bagel will be open Wednesday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is located at 308 Fayette Street, Conshohocken, PA 19428-1935. PHONE: 215-666-3877. Email: marielle.link24 @ gmail @ com

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