Village Bagels gives the Saugerties something to eat


Savannah Vladich inside Village Bagels. (Photo by Rodney Mazella)

The Mazella family has grown their business again, this time with something quite different from pizza, a food they have been successful with for 50 years now. In February, they opened Village Bagels, located at 248 Main Street in Saugerties, near Village Pizza.

While it may be a different range of dishes, the family-run, family-run aspect of Village Pizza is a key part of Village Bagels. In fact, the whole idea came from Rodney Mazella’s cousins ​​who are in the baking business, especially Paul Calcagno.

“He, in a way, told us about this concept and we were really proud of the bagels he made using first the old-fashioned way of kettle boiling and then going to brick ovens. “said Mazella.

The new restaurant was under construction for five months. Mazella said that judging by the number of people who asked when the store would be open, it was clear how much the people of Saugerties wanted a bagel shop in the village.

Bagels and other baked goods are delivered fresh each morning at 6 a.m. from the Columbia County Bakery in Calcagno. Village Bagels has every variety of bagels you can imagine, from from onion, egg, blueberry and poppy bagels to unique recipes like customers’ favorite French toast bagel with maple syrup cream cheese. All cream cheeses are made on site in small batches with fresh ingredients.

“We are staying as local as possible,” Mazella said. “As local as our peanut butter from Mother Earth for our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. “

Another fan favorite is the banini – a squeezed bagel like a panini, which “took off”. Other menu items include sandwiches like Luca, which features egg whites, turkey sausage and fresh spinach, rotating soups of the day, ham and cheese croissants, brie fondant and more. .

For drinking, customers enjoyed freshly ground coffee and drinks that boost the immune system and are packed with antioxidants.

The Mazella family.

Mazella said Village Bagels wouldn’t be possible without the staff, who “aren’t afraid to work hard.” Savannah Vladich, who works between Village Pizza and Village Bagels, is one such person.

“It’s a whole different vibe compared to Village Pizza,” Vladich said. “I love it. Every day it’s a new face. We’ve had such an awesome response since we opened and we’re all so grateful… I’ve always said we needed a bagel store right in. the village because everything else is too far away.

“We are wholeheartedly supported by the people who live here,” said Mazella. “Our business doesn’t necessarily come from out of town on the weekends Saugerties is popular for. The people of this city have supported us for all these years.

Guests can eat in or take out. One of Mazella’s favorite parts of opening Village Bagels was the design of the restaurant.

“It’s my main passion,” said Mazella. “I joke with some people and say, now that the restaurant is ready to open, my fun is actually over.”

Mazella created a space with an exposed brick wall with an industrial touch, using natural materials like stone and raw wood and gas pipes for the shelves. Along the walls, guests can find works of art by local artists and photographers, which are available for purchase.

Village Bagels is open daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, visit his Facebook page or call 845-246-5727.

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