Watch: Try this 5 Minute High Protein Egg Bites Recipe for Kids Feeding (Recipe Video)


Eggs are almost everyone’s favorite. They are so versatile that there are endless meals you can cook with them. Eggs not only provide you with your daily protein needs, but they also taste succulent and delicious. You can still cook the usual egg omelet or bhurji yourself, but when it comes to cooking for kids, you have to keep inventing and coming up with unique meals to get those picky eaters to eat. So after creating many dishes with eggs. If you’re out of ideas now, we’re here to help. You can prepare this wonderful little meal for your children with eggs, which is both tasty and healthy.

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These egg bites are also called “egg-app”. These are tiny round egg balls that will grab your kids’ attention and whet their appetites the moment they see them on their plate. Also, a surprise will await them. Your children will jump for joy when they feel the flow of cheese inside the balls filled with vegetables. You can also add any vegetables of your choice to make these delicious, creamy and healthy egg bites.

We found this amazing recipe on the “Something’s Cooking With Alpa” YouTube channel, where food blogger Alpa Modi shares her recipes. Watch the recipe video here and make this egg dish in just 5 minutes, for breakfast, children’s birthdays, the kids’ lunch box or just as an evening snack.

Egg Bites / Egg Bait Recipe Video –

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