We need 24 hour pizza vending machines in East Lansing

You may have been here before:

After a night of drinking adult drinks, you need some food. However, it is now 3 or 4 a.m. and there are no more places open to serve you food.

You could cook some food on your way home, but do you really have the ability? No, probably not. That’s why we need a 24 hour pizza vending machine in East Lansing.

When pizza comes from a 24 hour vending machine, you can literally have pizza anytime

You heard me right … a 24 hour pizza vending machine. Currently, there are three 24-hour pizza vending machines in Jackson, Michigan from a company called PizzaForno. Keep in mind that these three pizza vending machines are the only ones in the United States! There are more in Canada, but for now the US is due to come to Jackson, Michigan.

East Lansing needs a 24 hour pizza vending machine like these in Jackson

East Lansing is a college town, home to MSU. And because of that, there’s a bunch of young adults around town; live, work, go to school and go out to the bar. That’s why East Lansing needs a 24-hour pizza vending machine like Jackson’s.

We believe that of all places East Lansing should have a 24 hour pizza vending machine. Think about it … a college town full of young adults hanging out to bars or staying awake until the wee hours of the morning studying for an exam … this is the place to be for a 24 hour dining option. 24.

Make no mistake, East Lansing has plenty of places open late at night. And even some places that deliver late at night too. However, there are very few options left that are actually open 24 hours a day, which would be the perfect opportunity for a 24 hour pizza vending machine.

How it works?

It seems easy enough to use the PizzaForno vending machine. You go upstairs, use the video screen to make your choice, pay, then wait three minutes for your pizza to be done. And that’s all! If you don’t feel like eating there, you can even ask for a cold pizza to take home. There is also an app for PizzaForno. The good thing is that it shows you exactly how much of each type of pizza is available at that location. That way you know if they have what you want before they go.

Overall, we think a 24 hour pizza vending machine is just what East Lansing needs. What do you think? Let us know by sending us a message on the station app.

If you want to try the vending machines for yourself, you can find them in these Jackson locations:

  • 1319 East Michigan Ave
  • 100 Cooper Street
  • 2900 Springport Road

While you wait for the pizza vending machine to arrive in town, you can check out these other delicious dining options.

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