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In its continued quest to become the global destination for edible masstige, Starbucks has introduced a new breakfast item: Sous Vide Egg Bites. These are vacuum-packed eggs cooked in a hot water bath. The bites come in two options – bacon and gruyere or egg white with roasted red pepper.

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Since Eggs debuted this morning, we’ve decided to try our hand at the busy Grand Central Starbucks.

First, why vacuum-packed eggs? Well, the cooking technique has become very trendy lately. Home cooks love the way it produces beautifully tender and flavorful meat.

But beyond that, it seems half the country is avoiding gluten and / or bread for one reason or another right now, so having a high protein / grain free breakfast option, especially one salty (no sugar!). This one’s for you, keto, and paleo.

That said, when I first mentioned eggs to my colleagues, the general consensus was uh! Everyone thought they looked disgusting. There were expectations of cold, gooey goo. No one seemed to think it was a good idea. I have had whole vacuum poached eggs before, and they were amazing. So I had a little more confidence in this item on the breakfast menu.

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So, let’s take a taste test. As is often the case, the real deal is not as pretty as advertised. A She knows editor-in-chief, we won’t say who, noticed that the eggs look like breasts. Here is the egg white with roasted red pepper.

roasted red pepper with egg white
Image: SheKnows

And here is the bacon and the Gruyère.

Gruyere bacon
Image: SheKnows

So, they are not as pretty as we had hoped. But what is more important is their taste, and there we were quite happy. Usually, I won’t have anything to do with egg white breakfasts because the yolk is where all the flavor is. But the egg white bites weren’t bad at all. Thanks to Monterey Jack cheese, cottage cheese (What? You’d never know), and peppers, they were perfectly rich and flavorful.

The bacon and Gruyere, which also contains Monterey Jack, were also very good. Both varieties have a velvety custard-like texture that sits somewhere between a poached egg and scrambled eggs, if that makes sense. They are served piping hot, but once cooled you can turn them out into two or three bites.

So this is it. I would order them again, and I don’t say that lightly. I am very picky about eggs and prefer a salty breakfast so this is perfect for me. But honestly, how much you like them really depends on how you feel about eggs in general. Those of you who are easily squeezed out by eggs that are unknown or not dry enough or too choppy will probably want to pass. But if you’re up for an egg adventure – ha-ha, see what I did there? – these are worth a try.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: SheKnows

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