Where is the best pizza on the Jersey Shore


It’s a headline. And it may even be too big to donate to one company. Is there a champion of all boardwalk pizza on the Jersey Shore? And if there is, how in the world do you choose which one. Well it looks like we’ll have to do a lot of research and check them out one by one. It’s hard work, but …

Photo by Karthik Garikapati on Unsplash

I thought we were going to start with the one I ate last weekend, and it just happens to be a great pizza place. We talk about the legendary Joey tomato’s on the Jenkinson Boardwak at Point Pleasant Beach.

Joey tomato’s has been around for a long time, and it’s hard not to be part of someone’s fond summer memories when you call the Point Pleasant Boardwalk your home. It’s certainly a great location, but it’s not just about this location. This pizza is excellent.

For me, the real sign of a good slice is how excited you are about a single slice, and I’m not going to lie to you. I was pretty excited. The sauce is what makes this pizza. I am officially a huge fan.

And please don’t miss the opportunity to treat yourself with Sicilian pie at Joey Tomato’s either. It’s out of this world. So what do you think? Is Joey Tomato the best Jersey Shore boardwalk pie?

I think you have to seriously consider this legendary pizza place. And by the way, the people who work there are super nice. So, the next time you’re on Point Boards, stop by Joey Tomato’s. You will be glad you did.

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