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Bagel Boat's loaded turkey sandwich on a bagel features turkey, bacon, cream cheese with vegetables, lettuce, tomato and onion.

Bagel Boat’s loaded turkey sandwich on a bagel features turkey, bacon, cream cheese with vegetables, lettuce, tomato and onion.

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Very few things scream comfort food like a bagel. In some cases, it’s not uncommon to eat one – depending on the size – and stay full for most of the day. If that’s not for you, bagels are the perfect food that can be split in half to share with a friend or save for later. They are also the perfect container for a sandwich – breakfast or lunch.

Maybe it’s the shape and texture of the bread that makes a bagel so appealing. Or maybe his mate – cream cheese or spread – sets him apart. It could also be the portability of a bagel or the endless flavor combinations that are realistically achievable, depending on where you prefer.

CharlotteFive has compiled a list of the best bagels in – and around – Charlotte that are sure to keep you coming back.

(1) Bagel boat

4090 Charlotte Highway 49, Lake Wylie, South Carolina

Bagel flavors: Asiago cheese, blueberry, chocolate chips, cinnamon raisin, egg, everything, French toast, multigrain, onion, plain, poppy, sesame, sun-dried tomato, salt, whole wheat and whole wheat.

Cream cheese flavors: Plain, shallot, veg, green olive, lox, jalapeño, strawberry, walnut, raisin and avocado.

What to order: The The turkey sandwich loaded on a bagel includes turkey, bacon, cream cheese with vegetables, lettuce, tomato and onion. $ 8.50

(2) Bagel Bin & Deli II

16709 Enclosure with stones in the orchard

Bagel flavors: Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Raisin, Egg, All Egg, Garlic, Hawaiian, Wheat Honey, Onion, Plain, Poppy, Pumpernickel, Rye, Salt, Sesame, and Spinach.

Cream cheese flavors: Strawberry, shallot, jalapeño, raisin with nuts, vegetables, vanilla and sundried tomato.

What to order: The baked turkey sandwich on the Hawaiian bagel. $ 7.49

(3) De Coria bagel shop

3060, boulevard E. Franklin, Gastonia

Bagel flavors: Rye, blueberry, onion, garlic, poppy, sesame, all, asiago, French toast, sundried tomato, Russian black, cinnamon raisin, jalapeño cheddar, egg, salt, plain, whole wheat, strawberry and cinnamon sugar.

Cream cheese flavors: Blueberry, strawberry, maple walnut raisin, churro, maple walnut fig, cannoli, green onion, jalapeño, veggie, cucumber and dill, olive, oreo and pepper.

What to order: The Asiago bagel with cucumber and cream cheese with dill. $ 3.99

(4) Manhattan Bagel L’Arboretum

8040, chemin Providence, suite 200

Bagel flavors: Plain, all, sesame, whole wheat all, all, blueberry, egg, French toast, pumpernickel, salt, garlic and onion.

Cream cheese flavors: Plain, almond honey, straw, jalapeño cheddar and onion.

What to order: The French Toast Bagel with Honey Almond Cream Cheese. $ 2.80

(5) My Bagel Brothers

751 N. NC 16 Business Hwy., Denver

Bagel flavors: Plain, poppy, sesame, onion, wheat honey, garlic, blueberry, all, whole wheat, super egg, egg, marbled rye, salt, sundried tomato, pumpernickel, black Russian, cinnamon raisin, multigrain and blueberry.

Cream cheese flavors: Shallot, vegetable, jalapeño, olive, walnut and raisin, strawberry and nova.

What to order: The Sesame Bagel with Jalapeño Cream Cheese. $ 3.84

My Brothers Bagel offers 22 varieties of bagels. Courtesy of my Bagel brothers

(6) The Original New York Bagels

126 Mooresville Commons Way, Mooresville

610 State Road 2402, Davidson

9810 Gilead Road, Huntersville

Bagel flavors: Plain, poppy, sesame, egg, onion, garlic, salt, whole wheat all, whole wheat sesame, pumpernickel, cinnamon and sugar, asiago cheese, cinnamon and grape, sundried tomato, chocolate chips, bacon and cheddar, spinach, blueberry and flagel – a flattened bagel.

Cream cheese flavors: Plain, strawberry, homemade, shallot, veggie, jalapeño, chocolate chip, nuts, raisin, lox, olive and chili.

What to order: The bacon and cheddar bagel with plain cream cheese. $ 2.54

(7) Poppy Bagels and more

2921 Providence Road

2201 boul. South

Poppy’s Bagels and More offers a variety of bagels at its location on Providence Road, including Plain, Blueberry, Salt, Asiago, Pumpernickel, Egg, Onion, Honey Wheat, Poppy, Cinnamon Grape, Garlic, Multigrain, Everything and Sesame . Melissa Oyler Charlotte five

Bagel flavors: Plain, blueberry, salt, asiago, pumpernickel, egg, onion, wheat honey, poppy, raisin cinnamon, garlic, multigrain, everything and sesame.

Cream cheese flavors: Plain, veggie, green onion, jalapeño, olive, lox spread, maple nuts, cinnamon, raisin nuts, strawberry, chocolate chips and blueberries.

What to order: The fried egg bagel with the garlic bagel. $ 3.99

Pro tip: Poppy’s bagels (all and plain) are also on offer at Smelly Cat Coffeehouse and Roastery.

Smelly Cat Coffeehouse & Roastery also serves Poppy’s Bagels at NoDa coffeeshop. Choose between simple and everything. Courtesy of Smelly Cat

(8) Poppy seed bagels

Several locations

Bagel flavors: Plain, salt, onion, sesame, poppy, all, garlic, egg, all egg, cinnamon raisin, French toast, blueberry, pumpernickel, whole wheat and whole wheat all.

Cream cheese flavors: Plain, veggie, shallots, smoked salmon spread, raisin with nuts, strawberry, honey almond, chili olives, jalapeño cheddar, chocolate chips, blueberries and shallot tomato bacon.

What to order: The Plain Bagel with chocolate chip cream cheese. $ 3.35

(9) Tega Cay Deli

1143 Stonecrest Blvd., # 103, Fort Mill, South Carolina

Bagel flavors: Plain, egg, pumpernickel, wheat, jalapeno cheddar, asiago cheese, sesame, poppy, all, garlic, salt, cinnamon sugar, maple French toast, onion, cinnamon raisin, blueberry, all wheat and egg all .

Cream cheese flavors: Plain, vegetables, shallots, olives, jalapenos, salmon, maple nuts, chocolate chips, blueberries and strawberries.

What to order: Wheat bagel with plain cream cheese and strawberry jam. $ 2.39

Tega Cay Deli offers 18 different types of bagels. Anna culver

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