Where to find the best bagels in the Triangle

Brandwein’s bagels in Chapel Hill. Photo: Zachery Eanes/Axios

Call us biased, but the Triangle has great bagels. Even New Yorkers say so.

1. Heated bagels: Located in Raleigh’s Transfer Food Hall, Benchwarmers is worth the long weekend queue. Their bagels are baked in a wood oven and are truly delicious.

  • Lucille’s Order: Salty bagel with chilli and scrambled egg, plus a dirty chai.
  • Zachery’s order: A n°6 (fried bologna, mustard, cheese and egg) on ​​a salt bagel.

Controversial review alert: Don’t sleep at Benchwarmers pizza nights. Lucille thinks it’s the best pizza in town.

2. All Bagels: Tucked away in Durham’s Food Hall, Everything Bagels offers some of the most creative bagels and unlikely flavor combinations.

  • Lucille’s order: Pretzel bagel with egg and cheese (and a vanilla iced latte from Liturgy, while you’re at it.)
  • Zachery’s order: purple sweet potato or spiced fig bagel with miso cream cheese and blueberries.

3. Brandwein Bagels: The classic Chapel Hill version of a New York bagel. Made from local ingredients, like many local bagel shops in the Triangle.

  • Zachery’s order: Egg and cheese on a poppyseed or onion bagel.

4. Big Dom’s: Hand-rolled bagels in Cary. Also, much to Zach’s delight, they have B’donuts.

  • Lucille’s order: asiago bagel with green onion cream cheese.


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