Where to find the best pizza in Hong Kong

Thin crust, deep dish, Detroit-style, Neapolitan – the list goes on, but there’s nothing quite like a perfect slice of pizza. It is the Hong Kong spots that are successful.

How fortunate for us that one of the greatest foods known to man is also one of the simplest: dough. Sauce. Cheese. Trims to every heart’s content. When you combine things that are already delicious on their own, you’d think success would be guaranteed – as a common refrain goes, “when it’s good, it’s good, and when it’s bad, it’s good.” is still good enough” – however, the truth is that not all pizza is created equal. And the bad things, well, let’s forget about the bad things.

We are here to talk about the good stuff. Great things, even. It’s the pizzas that make us fight for that last slice. Fat, cheesy, crisp, airy – sometimes all at once. We’ve done the hard work and tested lots – lots – of pizzas in Hong Kong to make sure you only get the best when hunger strikes. With our MMMs Award winners (special thanks to our exclusive sponsor foodpanda) in mind, these are the best pies you can buy in Hong Kong.

The best places to eat pizza in Hong Kong


(MMM Prize 2021 Readers‘Winner of the Eaters’ Choice Awards 2021)

According to the people who brought us the CUT Sando Bar, INTERVAL is definitely not a pizzeria. Instead, it’s an all-day cafe that serves great sourdough pizza — alongside glasses of wine, pasta swirls, and an urban farm at their Cyberport location. So you know those herbs on melted cheese are fresh off the stalk.

Interval, (various locations), Cyberport, Shop 207, Level 2, Arcade, 100 Cyberport Rd, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong, +852 2380 3498

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mother of pizzas

(2021 MMM Awards Winner)

Mother of Pizzas founder Ricky Yuen trained in his craft at a host of pizza joints in East Vancouver. A true labor of love, the Causeway Bay joint is Yuen’s tribute to the best of Neapolitan-inspired pizza – and a tribute to his wife, Cherrie, for whom Mother of Pizzas is devoted. Take a slice or use a whole pie; either way, you’re going to be very, very happy.

Mother of Pizzas, Ground Shop, 13, 19 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2891 2221

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Andrea’s Bagel Crust Pizza

(2021 MMM Awards Winner)

Cooking scorching slices of Brooklyn amidst the bustle of Sai Ying Pun, Andrea’s Bagel Crust Pizza cooks up delicious thin-crust pizzas on their bagel-crust crust in traditional presentations (see: Pepperoni and Margherita) as well as flavors inspired, like Thai Green Chicken Curry.

Andrea’s Bagel Crust Pizza, 117 First St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, +852 2244 3326

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Dough Bros.

(2021 MMM Awards Winner)

Sourdough crust pizzas are great at Dough Bros. (no, really, it’s our favorite hangover order), as are their jam-filled donuts, which you must get for dessert. Don’t forget to dip your slices in the little pot of garlic and herb dip for the ultimate DB bite.

Dough Bros., (various locations), G/F, 151-155 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2301 1969

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from Alvy

(2021 MMM Awards Winner)

Straight out of the oven “BIG RED BITCH” (their words, not ours!), Alvy’s pizzas are homages to the rustic late-night joints that dot New York’s five boroughs, some with a unique Hong Kong . turn. Example : Bak Gweithe must-have slice that swaps pepperoni for char siu and chili flakes for garlic geung young.

Alvy’s, 8 Holland St, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, +852 2312 2996

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(2021 MMM Awards Winner)

If it’s authenticity and tradition that are so sought after, Motorino by Black Sheep Restaurants – whose pizzas are made with prosciutto from Parma, vine-ripened tomatoes from San Marzano and Caputo flour from Naples – is the place to be. place to hit for a Neapolitan slice that hits the spot. It is, after all, billed as Hong Kong’s original Napoletana pizzeria.

Motorino, (various locations), 15 Ship St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 2520 0690

More pizzas we like:

  • Wildfire Pizza Bar: A mainstay of The Peak and TST’s Avenue of the Stars, this pizzeria recently opened a shop in Wan Chai, and we’re delighted. That little hint of sweetness in the sauce makes all the difference.
  • Honky Tonks Tavern: A favorite of fried chicken connoisseurs, Shady Acres’ Southern-style watering hole also serves up a middling ‘za selection. We love Chef Andy’s ‘White Trash’ pie, with some Dorito dust – even though it’s no longer on the menu, it still pops up every once in a while, so grab it if you can.
  • finished: Part of Hong Kong’s OG Italian-American triumvirate along with Posto Pubblico and Frank’s, Fini’s still serves up a solid pie worthy of the Big Apple – and it’s big, both in size and flavor.
  • Southside Pizza Co.: Johnny Glover from Butcher’s Club and Grégoire Michaud from Bakehouse have teamed up to create the unique dough for these delicious pies to be delivered only. Make a friend at South Horizons or plan a picnic in the park if you must. This pizza is worth the trip.
  • Crabs: From the wit and appetite of cookie master Wil Fang comes Carbs, another worthy restaurant. Located on the ground floor of H Code, you’ll need two hands for these crispy, crunchy square slices, topped off with the curly pep – little cups of greasy goodness. You’ll be full and happy even without ordering the best tater tots in Hong Kong, but you’ve come this far, so why not? For a penny, and all that.
  • Amalfitan: Serving authentic Italian pies in the heart of Wyndham Street and The Pulse, the pizza masters at Amalfitana ensure that every guest leaves happy and full, with a delicious selection of cocktails to ease an evening or day out. the beach from there.
  • Ciao Chow: A perennial California Tower favorite for first dates and casual outings, don’t sleep on the pies. Immerse yourself in a real Neapolitan and for a brief and beautiful moment even LKF can feel like southern Italy.
  • Gustav: Sure, we can’t travel, but sharing a pair of pies at Gustaci, neatly tucked away in Central’s PMQ, feels like a Mediterranean getaway in itself. And on the back patio, gelato in hand? Perfect.
  • barg: Super thin and crispy – but most importantly, tasty – check out Barg for a pizza experience very unique to what you’ll find across Hong Kong. The pies aren’t large so you’ll want to order two. Or three. Or four. They are good, okay? And we don’t judge.
  • Little Napoli: Opened in late 2021, Little Napoli has given the good people of Happy Valley reason to be even happier. Every pie at Little Napoli is made to order – hot, fresh and absolutely delicious. The space is tiny so you’ll have to pack your pizza, but if you’re friendly with the chef he might even let you have a glass of limoncello for the road.

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