Wrap your hands around a bagel of insufferable bagels, Tenerife’s new bagel spot


If there’s one thing that has always been lacking in Tenerife and Newstead, it’s a good bagel joint. Sure, there’s banh mi, donuts, cakes, poke, and acai bowls galore, but sometimes you just want a chewy bagel stuffed with toppings – and now you can get your hands on it at Unbearable Bagels, a new hole-in-the-wall spot from the Zero Fox team that goes in a totally (literally) new direction with their latest venture.

Opening almost directly across from Zero Fox on Vernon Terrace, Unbearable Bagels has taken over the old site of a former convenience store, emptying it entirely and giving it an industrial makeover, with almost the entire interior occupied by an open kitchen. It’s not all about take out, however – if you want to sit back and enjoy your bagel at your leisure, there are a handful of tables scattered outside, as well as a high bench alongside. the interior window.

As for the bagels, well, you better be prepared to visit each week to sample the ever-changing array of sweet and savory toppings. There are of course your classics like a simple cream cheese schmear, smoked salmon and avocado with feta and dukkah, but you can also turn to some very creative options including vegetarian creations. and vegans. So far The Dealer, stuffed with chorizo, egg, onion and cheese has been a favorite, but we’re also eyeing the Big Al, stuffed with pastrami, mustard, cabbage and Swiss cheese, and the PB and B, an open bagel topped with peanut butter, banana and honeycomb.

a sweet and savory bagel

For anyone wondering, yes, there are gluten-free bagels. All of the bagels in the range are supplied by the icons of Brissie The Bagel Boys, so you can rest assured these toppings are loaded onto the best bagel bases in town. And if you want a little something on the side, there will also be a few soups or salads on the menu.

In addition to bagels filled with all kinds of flavors, you can have a black coffee to go with your fancy sanga. There’s no milk or sugar here, instead it’s all about filtering and brewing coffee, using beans from Brisbane’s Almanac Coffee and Sydney’s Single O. You don’t like the black coffee ? Well, the team behind the counter will do their best to change your mind and might even let you taste it first if you ask nicely.

Unbearable Bagels are open daily from 6 a.m., and you might want to arrive early, as they’re already full. You can find everything you need to know here.

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Image credit: Ranyhyn Laine

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